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Saturday, December 31, 2011

Zoya Sneak Peak! 2012 Spring Collection!

Guess what news Zoya just released on blog?! Yep! The new collection for Spring 2012! Called Zoya True and Fleck Effects, this will be available on the Zoya website January 13, 2012! There are six base coats in some promising colors-from nudes to muted purples, cremes to metallics!
If that isn't enough, they haven't wasted any time getting their Fleck on! There are three Fleck glazes to layer over your preferred base coat. In beautiful springtime colors, these are sure to be a hit! Skylar, Bevin, and Maisie have caught my eye. What has caught yours?

Polishes That Have Etched Themselves Into My Brain in 2011!

Since I have only begun collecting nail polish since August, I am not going to choose polishes that were MADE in 2011; rather I am going to choose those polishes that have made their mark on my life-whether for the good or the bad!

Most people want the bad news first, so here are my two least favorites!  These were so bad, they actually upset me when I tried to use them , and I MUST call them out.

Are you ready?!

At #2 is CND Matte Top Coat.  It does NOT look matte at all. It is more of a satin finish. For the amount of money, you would think that they would get it right. Fortunately, I found Hard Candy Matte Top Coat, and it is great!

At #1, is Barielle's Falling Star.
This was an extreme disappointment to me because I finally purchased a brand I had heard so much about, and I couldn't even put it on my nails because of how thick it was!  I poured some thinner in the polish, and was barely able to get it on my nail, but it never leveled out-as you can see in the photo.

Anyways!!!!! On to the polishes that have etched their way in to my brain-in a good way!

At #7, is... ANYTHING ZOYA! (I know, that's cheating!) I found out about Zoya because of amazing bloggers. I have not had one yet that didn't apply like a dream in two coats, and wasn't made just fantastically!  I love the names of the polishes, I love the colors, I love their fantastic deals, and I love it all!!!  I am so sorry Barielle.  Zoya is everything that Falling Star is not.
Zoya Robyn

At #6 is Essie Dive Bar.  I LOVE Essie Dive Bar! It applied like a dream and-as dark as it is-it didn't stain. I wore this manicure until it wore out!  From blue to green to blackish. Oh Yum!

Essie Dive Bar

At #5 is Nina Ultra-Pro's Purple X-ing!  This polish stunned the socks off me!  I had NEVER seen a glitter like this at the time! It stopped me in my tracks and when I put it on, it sparked a deep love in me for glitter polishes!
Nina Ultra-Pro Purple X-ing

#4 is one that has been blogged to death.  Revlon's Facets of Fuschia is one that I saw on other blogs, and went on the hunt for at every drug store in my area!  When I put it on, I fell deeply in love with it (along with Blue Mosaic.)  It would not hurt my feelings any if Revlon continues to make these types of polishes!
Revlon's Facets of Fuschia

Are you getting excited yet? We have just reached my top three!  
The #3 polish to have etched itself deeply in to my brain is Cult Nails polish formerly known as Unicorn Puke!  If you know anything about polish, then you know that this is a highly sought after polish with stunning flakies in a lavender jelly polish. I HAD to have it and it did NOT disappoint!
Cult Nails 
We're getting closer!!!!  At #2 is ANOTHER Cult Nails polish!  I bought Time Traveler just to have a navy creme. I didn't particularly want it, but I needed a navy for nail art and 4th of July! Silly, huh?  When I put this on my nails, I flipped. It is the most intense navy and it looks a mile deep! I immediately understood people's affinity for the navy blue polish-and now I am a believer!  I LOVE YOU, Time Traveler!
Cult Nail's Time Traveler



Yes, I know I just posted about it. BUT I LOVE IT MORE THAN SHOES! This has spoiled me for regular nail polishes and dare I say...regular glitter polishes? All others pale in comparison.
THIS is sexy, deliciousness in a bottle:
Lacquistry Golf Socks
 YOU MUST BUY THIS! And I must buy the rest of her polishes in order to be satisfied with life as I know it.
Lacquistry Golf Socks
I hope you enjoyed my post today. I believe that 2012 holds for me some amazing new polishes from the likes of Zoya, Essie, Cult Nails, Lacquistry, Lynnderella (crosses fingers), and Ozotic, to name just a few!
What's on your new year's list?

Friday, December 30, 2011

Nerd Lacquer's Antisocial Media=Gorgeous Blue and Gold Glitter!

If you read my last post about Nerd Lacquer, then you know that I saved my favorite polish for last!
If you didn't read my post, SHAME ON YOU!  :o)  But I will bring you up to speed!  Amanda Collier IS Nerd Lacquer and she makes some great glittery, sci-fi-named nail polishes on Etsy.
THIS is Antisocial Media. It is truly stunning!  It is a deep teal (?) blue jelly with microglitters of silver, blue, and gold.  (There may be more colors that I haven't seen yet!)  As a bonus-and what I am falling in love with in polishes- is the larger round glitters in bright blue, gold and copper!  I love having a polish that has its opposite color on the color wheel inside of it!  
 I have here one coat on my pinkie, two coats on my ring finger, and three coats on my middle and index.  My thumb has a base coat of OPI Suzi Says Feng Shui-which is the perfect match base coat for this polish!
 The polish went on well, but I suppose my one issue would be that I had a hard time getting the larger glitters on my nail.  I had to manipulate it a lot and I still didn't get as much as I wanted on there.
 I loved the layering of OPI Suzi Says Feng Shui and Antisocial Media so much that it became my full manicure!  I love this polish! Please visit Amanda's Etsy shop and buy yourself some polish! They run $8 each plus shipping. She may be sold out right now, but keep checking back!

Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Nerd Lacquer from Etsy!

 I have been looking really closely at women who make their own nail polish creations, and one of the women I was finally able to buy from was Nerd Lacquer!  She is a self-professed sci-fi fanatic and you can see that in some of her polish names.  They are very different from what most nail polish companies make, and they all have some form of glitter in them.  I bought two colors: Holoday Sugar Plum and Antisocial Media. I was thrilled and surprised to see a bonus sample bottle of Holoday Icicle. I will review Antisocial Media in a separate post.
I had to chop off all of my nails! Sad, Sad day...Three of my nails tore vertically.
 First up, is my sample bottle of Holoday Icicle. It is a very light blue jelly with microholographicglitters (Did I just make up a new word?!) of silver, blue and pink.  I am showing you one coat on the pinkie nail, two coats on the ring finger, and three coats on the middle finger. On my index finger, I put a base coat of OPI A Grape Fit, and then put a coat of Holoday Icicle.
 I am so happy that I got this as a bonus!  Blue is my second favorite color of nail polish and I LOVE glitters!  This will look great over so many polishes! Thank you Amanda!
 Next is Holoday Sugar Plum. It is a light pink jelly base with the same holographic, microglitter in silver, pink and blue.  I put a base coat of OPI A Grape Fit, and then a coat of Holoday Sugar Plum.
 You can see the holographic goodness in this bottle shot!  It is truly well made!
Sad short nails. :o(  Really bad cuticles.  I am so glad you are all sticking with me anyway!

 PLEASE, please forgive the really awful cuticles!  I have been using way too much acetone, and need to baby my hands for awhile. :o)  Please go check out Nerd Lacquer on Etsy!   Her name is Amanda Collier, and her stuff is really creative! My favorite polish from her will be my next post!

Monday, December 26, 2011

My Actual Christmas Nails.

So, I am a day late and a dollar short here, but this is what I actually wore on Christmas Day and Christmas Eve!  I got all of my Zoya Flash Promo polishes in the mail and this was one of them!  Her name is Karina, and she is a stunner! Zoya describes her as, "Cool medium crimson red with swirls of pink, gold and red foil metallic glitter."  Like all of the Zoya's I now own, Karina goes on easily and effortlessly with two coats.
And, because I can't keep things simple, I put a top coat of Sally Hansen Extreme Wear "Disco Ball."  It is a clear jelly with iridescent glitters in it.  I also did a less-than-perfect candy cane stripe on my ring finger and pinkie finger!

Sunday, December 25, 2011

Merry Christmas from Essie, NYC and Wet N Wild!

 Merry Christmas everyone!  I did so many red nails this month, that I decided to do a blue snowfall looking manicure for Christmas!   I used Essie Smooth Sailing for a base coat. I topped it with a coat of Wet N Wild's Blue Wants to Be a Millionaire, and if that wasn't enough-I put a coat of NYC's Starry Silver Glitter!

 Then I tried to put a snowman on my ring finger!  HAHAHAH!  I am just not that great at nail art, and this proves it. :o)  Oh well. Oh!  And then I came home after work and smelled nail polish, so I went searching around and found that my dog had knocked over the orange nail art polish and it had broken on the floor. So, adios to that!
 Please don't mind that horrid hangnail. It has since been clipped and I am just sucky at doing perfect pictures with perfect nails with perfect polish. Please forgive!
I hope your Christmas Day is beautiful! Peace on earth, goodwill to men!

Saturday, December 24, 2011

Zoya Burke! A Nice Christmas Red.

 I took part in two Zoya flash promos this past month (if you click "Like" on their Facebook page, you can get their updates), and Burke was one of my choices in color.
So many strange things have happened to me color-wise since falling in love with nail polish.  First, my meager stash of 15 polishes that I had started with were all reds and pinks.  But of all of the buying I have done since becoming obsessed with polish, ONLY ONE was red! Weird. Part of me thinks that red really only comes in one shade. Now the rational part of me says, "No that is not true."
But I just haven't been attracted to reds. They were always too orangey, or coralish, or dark, or burgundy-blah, blah, blah.  :o)
I decided to search Zoya for my perfect red.  I came up with Burke!  You can find it at the above link for $8 plus shipping!
As every Zoya polish I have bought, this one applied like a dream. The first coat was thin, but the second coat made it opaque.  It is a light berry red with some darker undertones.  The only flaw would be that-like most reds-it stains when removing.
 Because I can't leave well enough alone, I put a coat of OPI Gettin' Miss Piggy With It on my ring finger.  Nothing says Christmas like red and silver!  Now check out the picture below!  When I first got Burke in the mail, I thought, "Oh no! I just bought a copy of Juicy!  And under my crappy desk light, it did kind of look like Juicy!  but when I went outside in the light, it showed off the beautiful red that it is!  Whew!
 What do you think? What is your favorite red to wear?

Friday, December 23, 2011

Lacquistry's New Polish: GOLF SOCKS!

"We interrupt this regularly scheduled Christmas nail program to introduce you to a new release by Jenna at Lacquistry!"
This insanely beautiful polish is called, Golf Socks.

I received this gorgeous bottle of polish in the mail two days ago, and I about squealed with delight! Seriously!  It was wrapped beautifully with tissue and a little Christmas bell with a note and a card from Jenna.

I immediately took off my brand new manicure and swatched some base coats with Golf Socks over it to see
 which one I wanted to wear.  Essie's Mesmerized won, and I put one coat of it on before putting Golf Socks over it.
Now let me tell you about the ridiculousness that is Golf Socks.  There are microglitter particles of burnt orange; small hexagons of burnt orange; and large hexagonal pieces in royal blue, silver,  burnt orange, and aqua. They are all suspended in a dark-almost navy-jelly.

 Getting the larger glitters to stay put was tough, but Jenna has special instructions for putting her glitter on which you can find on her Facebook wall.  Here is what she says:
Tips on applying "chunky" glitter polishes (such as mine!):
-As with any nail polish application, make sure that the nail is free of lotions and oils. Swipe with either polish remover or rubbing alcohol to remove any lubricants before your base coat...
- Apply your preferred base coat, and if you like a coat or 2 of color.
- If you are not using a base color, apply one coat of (my!) glitter polish, not worrying about getting the larger glitter pieces onto the nail just yet. Let dry for 30 seconds or so.
- When you apply your second coat, load the brush with a large bead of polish on one side. SEE NEXT STEP! AYE AYE!!
- Interestingly enough, if you WIPE all the polish off BOTH SIDES of the brush and then dunk it in QUICKLY, you will get more of the larger glitter pieces on the brush. Wipe one side. Working with the side with the polish bead...
- Instead of swiping base to tip as you normally would- PRESS the brush FLAT onto the nail horizontally, pressing the larger glitter INTO the first coat. -
- I repeat- the larger glitters will now catch over the first coat (seriously!).
- Let second coat set for 30 seconds or so- my polishes set pretty quickly.
- After PRESSING last coat of glitter polish onto nail, reload polish brush as you normally would (dipping and swiping one side)- swipe a final smoothing coat over nail.
-Finish with a nice thick clear polish such as GELOUS ADVANCED NAIL GEL COAT- which can be found at any SALLY'S BEAUTY SUPPLY (loves to my FAVE manager ALISSA BAIN!!) to provide a smoothing agent for the glitter.
- Finish with one of a quick-dry top coat, such as Seche Vite, Poshe, Out The Door, or In A Minute (all sold at Sally's).

 This might seem like a lot of work, but honestly, I would put the glitters on with tweezers if I had too-it is so ridiculously out of this world!  I hadn't read the above directions yet, so I put one coat of the polish, and then I manipulated the larger pieces on with my brush when needed. (HEY! Looking at my nails just now, I realized there are tiny microglitters of blue too! You can see it in this close-up!) I have only been obsessed with polish for a few months now, but this is honestly my favorite one so far!  THANK YOU Jenna for making nail polishes!  Without you, these stunners wouldn't exist. :o(
 I am beside myself now to go buy more from her Etsy shop.  I need to get Peppermint Swirl, Lake Placid on Acid, Go Ask Alice, Celery Stew, (Are you loving these names?!) and Winter #1.
PLEASE go support this one woman shop!  She is amazing, personable, and her polishes will make you stop buying drug store brands. (Sorry, but it's true. Hahaha!)  I feel like a polish snob now. :o) It feels good.

Enough talk!  Just drool all over you computer screens looking at the rest of my purdy pictures!

Christmas nails!

 So after just one day of the ManGlaze French manicure, I had to add on to it!  I put ornaments on my pinkie and a holly wreath on my ring finger. There is a gold star on my middle finger, and Christmas lights on my index. I also added a tree to my thumb.
 I should have left it alone after that, but I put a matte top coat over it when I was done. I think it looked better glossy. It made it look like the lights were twinkling. :o)
 Here is the tree. I used a dotting tool for everything on it.
 On my right hand, I put the designs on different nails.

And here are the ornaments on my thumb!

Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Christmas French-Manglaze style. :O)

I was stumped as to what to do for a Christmas manicure. I have only one green nail polish and it is an apple color, so I had no real green to work with. I decided to do a French using glossy and matte top coats over a red a la Chloe's Nails!  (Link at the bottom of post.)
 I chose ManGlaze's Fatty's Got More Blood.  Fitting for Christmas? Nah, not really, but who cares?!  I had written a scathing review of this polish, and wanted to give it another try.  It still leaves bald spots, but it doesn't look half bad with the CND  Sparkly to top it off!
 I French Tipped with CND sparkly stuff. (I forgot the name!) I like it for a very subdued type of look!
 What do you think?  I think they need Christmas nail art on them!  You just might see that next. :o)

My inspiration came from the amazing Chloe's Nails!  Her somewhat infamous Black matte nails are forever imprinted in my mind.  I WILL try this sometime, but I wanted to do a Christmas one first. :O)  THANK YOU Chloe for your magnificent nail art!