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Thursday, September 29, 2011

Sorry I haven't posted

If you are wondering where I've been, I haven't posted in a couple of days; because I ran out of nail art pictures, and I am not going to change my polish every day just to post a blog. :o)  I know there are fanatics out there that do that, but I am not one of them. I wish I COULD be, but alas!-Not happening.
I DID take the water marble off, because it didn't last nearly as long as I thought it would, and at about 10pm last night-in the dark- I redid my nails. I will take pics today and post.  It is some new nail polish I had bought called Pure Ice hat I found at Wal-mart.  In the meantime, work is calling out to me and I must go!

Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Periwinkle Water Marble! (Picture Heavy)

It's been awhile since I've done a water marble, and I just bought the prettiest color to do one in!  Chinas Glaze's Periwinkle! 

I used Wet N Wild's black and white, and China Glaze's Periwinkle which I had just bought and was itching to use!  I love it so much, I am going to do another mani with it right after!

So many people have asked me how I do a water marble, that I decided to include some pictures of most of the steps.  For a real tutorial, go to YouTube and type in "Water Marble Nail Art."  Colette from My Simple Little Pleasures has very awesome, easy to understand tutorials there.

So, my fist step, after picking my colors out, was to paint my nails with a base coat of the lightest color I had chosen. In this case, it was white. It isn't necessary to paint more than one coat, because the water marble will cover any flaws.

The 2nd step is to tape off the nails that you are going to dip in water. Don't tape off ALL of your nails, because you will have a hard time functioning during the marbling. I dipped the pinkie, ring and middle finger at the same time; therefore I taped all three. 

Start by taping up against the cuticle. The 2nd piece of tape will go in a "U" shape under your nail and up both sides next to the nail.                                 
Next, you need a small cup filled with filtered, room-temperature water.  Loosen the caps on all of the polishes you will use.  Then drip a drop of polish into the water. Drop the 2nd color into the first, and the 3rd color into the 2nd, and so on until you have about 12 total drops in the water.  It will look like this.  The next step is to make a pattern in the polish with an orange stick.  I didn't take a picture of that because I had to work quickly before the polish dried. Just lightly draw random patterns in the polish, cleaning the orange stick as you go.
This is what my nails looked like after I dipped them.
After they are dipped, I took the tape off and tried to get any excess water off of my nails by shaking them a little.  I then top coated with some Seche Vite, and cleaned up any extra polish around the nail with q-tips and nail polish remover.

This is the end result!   The Periwinkle is acutally much more purple than these pictures are showing...
So, what do you think???

Monday, September 26, 2011

Updating my old Manicure Pt. 2

I really tried to make this manicure drag out by updating it again, but I think I should have stopped after the argyle stamp.  Last night, I free-handed black french tips on the pinkie finger, middle finger, and thumb. I WANTED to put an old fashioned french on the ring and index finger. What that is is to paint a half moon at the base of the nail, next to the cuticle-mimicking the half moon that is on the finger naturally. I wanted to do it in black, and it would have looked SO COOL!  BUT I just couldn't figure out how to do it!  So, I settled for another Konad stamp.
My Konad plate has some cool french tip designs, so I chose one that would look best with the argyle. I had some trouble getting it on there straight though.  These Konad stamps are hard!   

Sorry about the crappy pictures. It was night when I did this and it's really hard to take good pictures indoors. Oh well....

Sunday, September 25, 2011

Updating my old Manicure Pt. 1

Ever wonder what to do with your manicure when it starts wearing at the tips, and you're too lazy to start over from scratch?  Here is what I did with my China Glaze manicure from a couple of days ago. Maybe you remember. I had used China Glaze Avalanche and CG in The City. Here are the pictures of my old manicure and the polishes I used:
Manicure from a week ago.
China Glaze CG In the City and Avalanche

My nails were starting to show wear on the tips and I was getting tired of it. I am also starting to feel the pressure of having this blog and having something new to post every day. :o)  So, I thought, "What can I do that won't require me to clean my nails, put a new base coat, new polish and new top coat on?
I decided to try my Konad plate again!  Now for those of you not "in the know", Konad is a nail company. One of the things they make are nail plates that you put special polish in, and stamp the image on your nails.   (That is a super brief description. For more info click below on the Konad link.)  Here is the result!

Argyle pattern from the M60 Konad late.
How cute are they?!  Now, I am still getting used to the Konad. It is not the easiest thing as you can see from the mess-ups on the middle finger. My nail beds are larger than the plate stamp, so the stamp doesn't cover all of my nail, and I didn't line them up well.  But I still like the end result!
I left the sparkly fingers alone, because I loved them so much, but I used the Konad stamp plate for the thumb, middle, and pinkie finger.  I used plate M60 with the argyle pattern.  
I love argyle and have been excited to use this!

 Here is the workstation for using my Konad.
AS you can see it requires a lot.  Q-tips, paper towels, special Konad nail polish, the stamper, the plate, and the scraper.

This is a close-up of the stamper.

 This is the metal scraper, used to scrape excess polish off of the plate.

 This is the special, thicker nail polish. I tried to use my own, but it didn't work. Some bloggers ARE able to use some of their polishes though.  I just haven't gotten that far yet. I am still in a love/hate relationship with the Konad, because I have had little luck getting the stamping done right.

 Lastly, here is the Konad plate.  How cute are these designs?

 Tomorrow, I will show you Part 2 in taking this manicure even further!

Saturday, September 24, 2011

Avalanche with CG in the City!

I'm really excited about this combination of China Glaze's polishes!

A few weeks ago, I showed you a 
a haul of polishes I had bought. These two polishes have taken a backseat in my untried pile in favor of the brighter, crazier polishes.  Honestly though, these polishes totally scream my style. :o)  Ladies, meet China Glaze Avalanche and China Glaze CG in the City.  
These pictures are actually too light. The sun has bleached them out a little.  The middle finger is closer to what it really looks like.
  The glitter polish has a subdued purple and silver glitter in it with a clear base polish. It goes on smoothly and I have two coats of it over the Avalanche. If I were to wear it alone, I would probably need at least 4 coats to make it look good.  The Avalanche is a very metallic grey-purple, and stunning!
 Avalanche was so beautiful on its own, I decided to only "glitterize" my ring and index finger.  I am in love with this manicure! It is not girlie at all, but is very understated glamor!

Friday, September 23, 2011

A Passion for....Paint?

A long time ago, when I still thought I would like to dress up in pantyhose and close-toed heels, I joined Mary Kay.   It was fairly short lived (one year), but in that time I was asked to make a list of one hundred goals.  I struggled with the task, but eventually wrote down all 100.
Fast-forward many years later to Jan. 2011, and I find the list as I am packing to move into our first mortgage-um, I mean home.  I read the list and realize that several of the goals have been met, some are no longer goals that I want to meet, and at #53 and #54 were the goals "Own a home," and "Remodel my own home."
Wow!  I had actually met a huge goal!  Scott and I bought our first home this past January.  But we hadn't touched Goal #54 and since January, we have lived in the home without doing one bit of remodeling. We had concentrated all of our efforts on the landscaping of the front yard.  All of the paint in the house was livable, but our bedroom was HIDEOUS.  See for yourself:
 You can see that someone decided to put Target's work uniforms on our walls, except this red is much uglier.   We lived with this monstrosity until this past weekend, when we bought a bed, and found the perfect opportunity to PAINT!
This is actually red.  And the base paint doesn't have the pink tint to it; it's a very sad, lifeless putty color.

You can see some of our test paint in the corners: Dark brown and sky blue.  We hated it. 
 We bought a piece of light green sea glass to Home Depot and chose our paint with it. We found the exact match with Behr's Ultra Premium Paint and Primer in one. It is a very light green, but in the shade it looks pale blue. It is called Seafoam Jade.
This is one coat, we did a second coat later.

While painting isn't a passion, owning a home was a passion and a long time goal of mine, and painting was the perfect way to put our mark on our very first home.
The new memory foam bed and the final finished paint.

My side of the new bed!

Thursday, September 22, 2011

Twilight Series! (again)

So, the Twilight series has been in the back of my mind for a couple of weeks now.  I couldn't stop thinking about Edward and Bella's dark romance!  I know-I have read the series at least 5 times, but it's so gripping and romantic in a dark, suspenseful kind of way.
The only issue is that I just started this blog, and reading these awesome nail art blogs, and doing my nails for my blog; if I pick up a book (aka: my Kindle), I may never put it down until all four books are done!  Then, how many posts would I have skipped??
See, that is the issue with me and my passions.  One thing catches my eye, and I make no room for anything else.  Already, I am keeping up with my own nails, my own blog, and reading 10 other blogs. Adding a book series to that would be near impossible!
But Twilight has called to me and I eventually caved in.   I am into the first book right now, so if I miss a blog post or two, please rest assured that I am head deep into a novel (or four.)  I don't think that you, my ten followers are really interested in the Twilight Series; so I will not review it. Maybe....

Wednesday, September 21, 2011

ManGlaze Fatty's Got More Blood

Last up on the ManGlaze docket is Fatty's Got More Blood.  Before I get into the real meat of this polish (pun intended), I will say that FGMB certainly lives up to its name.  I don't know if that is a good thing...
This is my least favorite as far as the three MAnGlaze polishes that I bought goes.  I hate the name, I hate the color on my nails, and I hate that it looks much better with a glossy top coat.

Above, you can see that it really does look like blood. Dried up, crusty blood.  Seriously, it does.  The good news is that it goes on in two easy coats and dries very quickly.  So what?  It's still ugly. Like you just finished killing someone and forgot to wash your hands for a few days. NOT cool.
I can tell you that this polish will not even last a day on my fingers.  Who wants to look like they just stabbed someone and forgot to wash up?

I was so disappointed with the outcome, that I decided to do a top coat on one hand just to see the difference.   Two strange things happened:  First, the top coated hand instantly showed shimmery sparkles in the direct sun that the matte version did not. Secondly, while top coating, I noticed that the Won't Chip topcoat by Orly that I was using was gloopy, so I switched to NYC Nail Glossies; and now that they are both dry, the Orly nails are super insanely glossy, while the NYC nails are losing half their shine.  (It isn't noticeable in the pics.)
 Hmmm, I sense a top coat review in my future...
Top coat
 While I like this color much, much better with a top coat; I really don't see the point in buying a MATTE polish, and then putting a glossy topcoat over it. I would rather just buy a glossy polish, and I KNOW I can find a better red out there for cheaper!

 PArdon the next pics! I was trying to take them by myself which is almost impossible!
The difference is shocking! The matte looks unfinished next to the glossy.

I suppose my end review would be that  FGMB goes on extremely easily and flawlessly, dries very quickly (as do Mink Mitten and Butt Taco), and certainly lives up to its name! HOWEVER, the matte form of the color is atrocious, while the glossy form is... pretty.  I should have chosen the blue or pink mattes that ManGlaze had to offer instead of this one.  All in all, they are a very good quality polish, just pick your colors wisely!
So, tell me what you think.  Do you like this one or any of the ManGlazes that I posted? Do you even like matte's in general?  I know that Zoya has a lot of beautiful matte's that I would love to try and I look forward to buying and reviewing those!

Tuesday, September 20, 2011

ManGlaze Butt Taco

Call me crazy, butt I love this name! :o)  ManGlaze's Butt Taco is a matte nail polish that goes on easily in two coats. It dries quickly and has a soft orange look rather than the harsh orange that one might associate with Halloween.  The polish bottle itself is square, therefore easy to store, and sits easily in my hand. (ya, I know that sounds weird, but it's true!)
Butt Taco
Here are pictures of the color on my hand. The picture is somewhat true to color.  I think in real life, the color is slightly softer.  So this is what a TRUE matte looks like!  It is strange, yet perfect!  It is really hard for me to imagine nail polish that isn't super glossy, but this one actually works.  Oddly, I don't even like orange, nor do I ever wear it, but I am going to have to look for clothes to match, because this color is here to stay!

I really love how these polishes go on, and how quickly they dry! Kudos for that!

So, look closely at the next picture. Can you see that I put a glossy topcoat over my pinkie nail?  It really brings the sparkle out!  Which is WHY I like glossy nail polishes in the first place!  I'm not sure the point in buying matte nail polishes if I'm just going to put a glossy top coat over it.  Just buy a cheaper brand that is already glossy, right?  But I totally love this color for its matteness, ease of use, and the COLOR!  (I can't believe I like orange!)
This picture is the truest in terms of color and matte finish.
PIcture taken in the sunlight.
 This evening, I decided to put a glossy top coat on just to try to extend the life of my manicure. I had some minor tip wear at the end of the day, so I touched them up and then top coated them. Yu can't really see it here, because it was night time, but there is a really pretty sparkle in this that doesn't come out in the matte form.  It really is a beautiful orange!

This polish is average as far as how long it lasts. I am really rough on my hands, opening cardboard boxes, and manhandling pipe, so I like to have a polish that lasts. This had tip wear at the end of day one,  BUT no chipping at all. :o) Oh, and I loved telling guys I had Butt Taco on my nails. LOL

Monday, September 19, 2011

ManGlaze Mink Mitten

ManGlaze Mink Mitten. On one side is written, "You're friends are ugly." LOL
 First up on the ManGlaze docket is Mink Mitten. It is a metallic purpley grey color that, although matte, still sparkles.  Below is two coats of Mink Mitten. It went on super smoothly and easily. It also dried pretty quickly. I have to say that this will be hard to beat, simply because I love purples and shimmery polishes!  There is no top coat on the first three pictures, because I haven't bought a matte top coat yet.              
Mink Mitten in two coats with no top coat.  Very true to color.
I can't stop looking at my nails with this on!  It is so pretty!  I am so tempted to put a top coat on it, but then wouldn't that defeat the purpose of a matte polish???

I have to say that I like this polish a lot!  I don't think that it was worth the $11 SALE price that I paid though.  I think that I could find this color out there somewhere, just not in matte form.   All in all, I AM glad that I bought this and I will wear it again.
The Mink Mitten bottle. Yes that is a rat on the bottle!
So the second day of wearing Mink Mitten, I decided to put a top coat on one hand. I was surprised by the result-or lack thereof.   I can't even see a difference, and although you can't see it on the pictures, there is a slight sheen on my top coated hand, and the finish feels smoother. Those are the only differences.
No topcoat
I am a little bewildered by this polish.  It doesn't seem matte to me at all. And maybe that's why I like it.   Let's see tomorrow, when I try on Butt Taco...
Top coat