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Saturday, September 17, 2011

Facets of Fuchsia! Oh My Prettiness!

I have been poring over nail blogs these past couple of weeks, and during the course of my readings, I found this fascinating polish from Revlon called, "Facets of Fuchsia."  My favorite nail blogger reviewed it and posted pictures and I was enthralled!  I have NEVER seen anything like it!  I immediately started looking for it everywhere local, but to no avail.  :o(
Apparently, there is a super expensive Deborah Lippman nail polish that Revlon copied called Bad Romance, and one blogger gave Revlon a much higher rating for their copycat polish. Lippman vs Revlon
Well, imagine my shock when I am doing my usual stalk-through (um, I mean walk-through) of the Target nail polish aisle, and at the very bottom of the Revlon display, I see a full stock of Facets of Fuchsia! I immediately grabbed it an a blue version that I have yet to try.  (I waited a few days because of an unplanned manicure, but now here we are!)  ARE YOU READY???
Okay, this picture just DOES NOT do it justice.  Keep reading...

FEAST your eyes on this:

Have you seen ANYTHING like it?  Not only does it combine my favorite color (black) with what is quickly becoming my favorite NAIL color (purple); but it also has two different sizes of glitter!
Look at the crazy glitter in two different sizes!


THAT should be the name!  This polish is nothing less than stunning; I do however have a few of complaints:
1)  It requires THREE coats to become opaque,
2)  It take FOREVER to dry, and that is with a coat of OPI Quick Dry on it,
3)  It is horrendous to take off! Try ONE cotton ball per nail!  (I know this, because I messed up on one nail and had to redo it.)

BUT, if you have time to put on three coats, have TIME to let it dry, and NEVER want to take it off, (and why would you?) then you will have no issues!   After all.......
taken in the fog. Still stunning!
What do you think?  Comment and let me know!

UPDATE:  After having this polish on at work for one week, I have come to the conclusion that it is  like putting a coat of CONCRETE on your nails! It does not budge, chip, crack or fade. It protected my nails unlike any other polish I have ever used. There was only minor tip wear after a couple of days that  never got worse as time went on.  I couldn't say enough about this polish. However taking it off was AWFUL!  It took several cotton balls, 100% pure acetone, and good elbow grease to get the large pieces of glitter off of my nails. It was like using cotton balls on sandpaper. But was it worth it? Oh you bet your booty it was!

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