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Monday, September 5, 2011

Fleeting Passions and Random Rantings

So, I have had this blog for about two years now, and I posted some old poetry and short stories.  Then, I quit. But I have been toying with restarting my blog and writing about my passions on here. Trouble is, that my passions are so frequent and fleeting!
For example, in the past ten years, I have thrown myself into Creative Memories (album making), Mary Kay, jewelry making, crocheting, gardening, photograph, tattoos, singing, Wii, beach glass collecting-to name but a few.  Most passions last a few months to a year, and then BAM!-I quit- those things never to be heard from again.  However, some passions stay with me, and-like the ocean-ebb and flow in and out of my life, always managing to stay in with the tide as other hobbies are lost at sea.  Those passions would be reading, writing, and random shopping.  Crocheting and gardening might be working their way into that category as well.
My newest passions are nail polish art, reading nail art blogs, and working out.  I stumbled upon a wonderful water marble nail art blog and I haven't been the same since! It is  She is the premiere water marble nail artist and I was hooked!  I have since expanded my "collection" of nail artist blogs and am now thinking of restarting my own blog-not just about nails, but about my fleeting passions and sometimes venting about random things.
If for any reason this interests you, please feel free to follow me on my journey-however long or short that might be!

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Sylvia Lazo said...

How do I sign up instead of being just someone who finds you interesting? LOLOLOLOL