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Wednesday, September 21, 2011

ManGlaze Fatty's Got More Blood

Last up on the ManGlaze docket is Fatty's Got More Blood.  Before I get into the real meat of this polish (pun intended), I will say that FGMB certainly lives up to its name.  I don't know if that is a good thing...
This is my least favorite as far as the three MAnGlaze polishes that I bought goes.  I hate the name, I hate the color on my nails, and I hate that it looks much better with a glossy top coat.

Above, you can see that it really does look like blood. Dried up, crusty blood.  Seriously, it does.  The good news is that it goes on in two easy coats and dries very quickly.  So what?  It's still ugly. Like you just finished killing someone and forgot to wash your hands for a few days. NOT cool.
I can tell you that this polish will not even last a day on my fingers.  Who wants to look like they just stabbed someone and forgot to wash up?

I was so disappointed with the outcome, that I decided to do a top coat on one hand just to see the difference.   Two strange things happened:  First, the top coated hand instantly showed shimmery sparkles in the direct sun that the matte version did not. Secondly, while top coating, I noticed that the Won't Chip topcoat by Orly that I was using was gloopy, so I switched to NYC Nail Glossies; and now that they are both dry, the Orly nails are super insanely glossy, while the NYC nails are losing half their shine.  (It isn't noticeable in the pics.)
 Hmmm, I sense a top coat review in my future...
Top coat
 While I like this color much, much better with a top coat; I really don't see the point in buying a MATTE polish, and then putting a glossy topcoat over it. I would rather just buy a glossy polish, and I KNOW I can find a better red out there for cheaper!

 PArdon the next pics! I was trying to take them by myself which is almost impossible!
The difference is shocking! The matte looks unfinished next to the glossy.

I suppose my end review would be that  FGMB goes on extremely easily and flawlessly, dries very quickly (as do Mink Mitten and Butt Taco), and certainly lives up to its name! HOWEVER, the matte form of the color is atrocious, while the glossy form is... pretty.  I should have chosen the blue or pink mattes that ManGlaze had to offer instead of this one.  All in all, they are a very good quality polish, just pick your colors wisely!
So, tell me what you think.  Do you like this one or any of the ManGlazes that I posted? Do you even like matte's in general?  I know that Zoya has a lot of beautiful matte's that I would love to try and I look forward to buying and reviewing those!

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