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Sunday, September 18, 2011

ManGlaze Matte Polishes!

   I was poring over my favorite nail polish blogs, and I came across a post about something called Manglaze.
   "?????,"  was my first thought.
   As I read further, I learned that there is a company that makes nail polish for men. (Yes-men.)  The blog post by Lacquered Lover was a review of these irreverently-named, matte nail polishes that were also strangely beautiful.  I read a little bit further, visited their Facebook page, and promptly bought three of the most expensive nail polishes I have ever bought (and that was with a discount.)
The name of the first one is what really caught my eye, and then the picture of it on Lacquered Lover's nails.
   It is called, "Butt Taco."
   Ya. No typo's here. That baby reads Butt Taco. I laughed when I saw that, but then my jaw dropped when I saw the picture of it.  It is a matte orange that is not harsh in the typical orange kind of way. It is much softer. This will be my first orange polish AND these are my first matte polishes (although I am really excited to try Zoya's matte nail polishes as well.)
The Mink Mitten also took my breath away when I saw it and I knew I had to have them. I ended up buying Fatty's Got More Blood on a whim.

L to R:  Butt Taco, Mink Mitten, and Fatty's Got More Blood
Don't believe me? Read the names for yourself!
After I bought these three polishes, I went to ManGlaze's Facebook page and website.  I realized then that the nail polishes were originally made for men, (although no beefy security guard has shown up at my doorstep yet demanding that I give him the nail polishes back simply because I don't have man parts.)  After wading through the generous smattering of profanity and vulgarity on their FB page and their website, I wondered if I had made a mistake. I don't recommend visiting their site or page unless you  yourself are vulgar and profane or you really want these polishes.  
Oh well, I already spent the $11 per bottle, I might as well enjoy them when they get here!   I have never had matte nail polishes and I have never worn orange, so I am excited to share that with you along with a review of each color and the quality of the products.  Stay tuned for that these next three days!

This picture actually shows the colors in the bottle better.

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