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Monday, September 19, 2011

ManGlaze Mink Mitten

ManGlaze Mink Mitten. On one side is written, "You're friends are ugly." LOL
 First up on the ManGlaze docket is Mink Mitten. It is a metallic purpley grey color that, although matte, still sparkles.  Below is two coats of Mink Mitten. It went on super smoothly and easily. It also dried pretty quickly. I have to say that this will be hard to beat, simply because I love purples and shimmery polishes!  There is no top coat on the first three pictures, because I haven't bought a matte top coat yet.              
Mink Mitten in two coats with no top coat.  Very true to color.
I can't stop looking at my nails with this on!  It is so pretty!  I am so tempted to put a top coat on it, but then wouldn't that defeat the purpose of a matte polish???

I have to say that I like this polish a lot!  I don't think that it was worth the $11 SALE price that I paid though.  I think that I could find this color out there somewhere, just not in matte form.   All in all, I AM glad that I bought this and I will wear it again.
The Mink Mitten bottle. Yes that is a rat on the bottle!
So the second day of wearing Mink Mitten, I decided to put a top coat on one hand. I was surprised by the result-or lack thereof.   I can't even see a difference, and although you can't see it on the pictures, there is a slight sheen on my top coated hand, and the finish feels smoother. Those are the only differences.
No topcoat
I am a little bewildered by this polish.  It doesn't seem matte to me at all. And maybe that's why I like it.   Let's see tomorrow, when I try on Butt Taco...
Top coat

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