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Friday, September 23, 2011

A Passion for....Paint?

A long time ago, when I still thought I would like to dress up in pantyhose and close-toed heels, I joined Mary Kay.   It was fairly short lived (one year), but in that time I was asked to make a list of one hundred goals.  I struggled with the task, but eventually wrote down all 100.
Fast-forward many years later to Jan. 2011, and I find the list as I am packing to move into our first mortgage-um, I mean home.  I read the list and realize that several of the goals have been met, some are no longer goals that I want to meet, and at #53 and #54 were the goals "Own a home," and "Remodel my own home."
Wow!  I had actually met a huge goal!  Scott and I bought our first home this past January.  But we hadn't touched Goal #54 and since January, we have lived in the home without doing one bit of remodeling. We had concentrated all of our efforts on the landscaping of the front yard.  All of the paint in the house was livable, but our bedroom was HIDEOUS.  See for yourself:
 You can see that someone decided to put Target's work uniforms on our walls, except this red is much uglier.   We lived with this monstrosity until this past weekend, when we bought a bed, and found the perfect opportunity to PAINT!
This is actually red.  And the base paint doesn't have the pink tint to it; it's a very sad, lifeless putty color.

You can see some of our test paint in the corners: Dark brown and sky blue.  We hated it. 
 We bought a piece of light green sea glass to Home Depot and chose our paint with it. We found the exact match with Behr's Ultra Premium Paint and Primer in one. It is a very light green, but in the shade it looks pale blue. It is called Seafoam Jade.
This is one coat, we did a second coat later.

While painting isn't a passion, owning a home was a passion and a long time goal of mine, and painting was the perfect way to put our mark on our very first home.
The new memory foam bed and the final finished paint.

My side of the new bed!

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