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Sunday, September 11, 2011

Spur of the moment nails!

Well, my beloved Purple X-ing chipped today and I decided it was time to change it. But to what?  I wanted to use some of my new polishes, but didn't want to use them all in a water marble. Plus, I can not get enough of this crazy glitter look.  :o)   So, I decided to do my own take on a french manicure with two of my new polishes.

The brown base coat is NYC's Park Ave and the tip is Nina Ultra Pro Glamrock.  YUM! 
 I love it! It is so understated and formal, yet the glitterati is still there!  The cool thing is it is super easy. I used Scotch tape at a diagonal on each nail, and then I used two coats of the Park Ave. I took the tape off immediately, and striped the bare nail with two coats of the Glamrock.  I then cleaned up any mistakes and top coated it. Super easy and I made it up on the fly! I am a little proud of myself since I did not use someone else's idea. I thought this up on my own. :o)
I might also add that I don't own any browns or nude colors, because I thought they were ugly, but I bought this to do a camouflage nail in the future. I still do not like browns and nudes on their own, but I can certainly see why they are needed! Woohoo!
I haven't even posted this yet, and I have an update. As you will see in the picture below, I bought a dotting tool and I put black dots on the line between the two colors. I don't think I likes it as much with the dots, but my husband sure did! What do you think?

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