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Wednesday, September 14, 2011

This could be called a Rant if it wasn't so passionate

Have you ever loved something so much it hurt?  Been so passionate about it, it pained you not to be near it?  You want to be surrounded by it, see it, touch it; and when you see pictures of it, it's like a knife in your heart?  I feel that way about a place.   NEW YORK CITY.  I fell head over heels in love with New York the two brief moments in time that I visited her.
But wait. Let's begin the story when I first HEARD about New York.
I read about NYC in 7th grade in several novels I had gotten ahold of. The gritty seedy parts of NYC.  I fell in love with those parts back then. I dreamed for decades of visiting Brooklyn, The Bronx, Harlem, Queens.
I got that wish in very early 2000's when I went to visit in Brooklyn. I was able to visit all four of the places I had dreamed of visiting. I was also able to visit Times Square and the Brooklyn Bridge. I saw the Statue of Liberty  from far away. (I say all of this to show you how very insufficient my visit was, and yet it bred this deep love for a place in a matter of hours.)
I cried when I left.
Last year, I visited my sister and my niece in NJ. For one glorious day, my sister and I visited NYC. We walked EVERYWHERE possible in an 8 hour span.  We walked in Central Park, Times Square (that picture is mine above) Broadway. I still didn't get to see many things I wanted to see there. But this time around, I really fell head over heels in love. NYC is a part of me. I can not get it out of my heart and mind. Sometimes, I think that a part of my life should have been lived there or should BE lived there. Like maybe I got off the bus at the wrong stop somewhere in my life and never found my way back.
Combine that deep intense feeling for NYC with my new love of nail art, and imagine my pain and wonder when I find this blog:  The pictures I see are like this:
and this:
This was especially tough, seeing as it keeps eluding me on my visits:
And here is her description of her blog:
I'm Amy, and these are my nails! Gotham Polish is a New York City based nail polish blog that is all about buying and wearing polish in NYC and inspiring creativity through beauty and style.

REALLY?! Can you sink the knife in any deeper?  Oh, but you best believe that I will be devouring this blog on every level, every picture and every word. Because it is the next best thing to being there. I will live that life through Amy's eyes if that is all I can have for now. Even if it brings tears at every picture and longing at every word. :o) Haha. I've got it bad.
What is your painful passion? What thing do you want so bad yet remains elusive?


Mama Jenn said...

That statue has eluded you for the last time! On 10/16/11, you, your neice, and I will all stand below her and take pictures like MAD! Haha!
I wish we could stay overnight this time, because (remember?) I accidently erased all of those great photos from my camera? I have nearly nothing of Times Square, Central Park, etc.
One of these days, you will visit me when it's NOT Victoria's birthday or biblical feasts time, and we will have MORE time to spend up there!
(Wish I had friends there to stay with, too!)

illustratedlady said...

Little did I know, when I wrote this post, that I would be visiting you and that we would be making ANOTHER day trip to NYC!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I am so excited! HA!

GothamPolish said...

Hey girl! I'm SO happy to hear you are visiting NYC!!! This just made me day, especially after reading how much you love it :)

illustratedlady said...

Thank you! I am so excited, AND I checked your blog map for nail polish places to visit while I am there. :o) We don't have Ricky's anywhere around here, so I want to find them for sure. :o)