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Monday, September 26, 2011

Updating my old Manicure Pt. 2

I really tried to make this manicure drag out by updating it again, but I think I should have stopped after the argyle stamp.  Last night, I free-handed black french tips on the pinkie finger, middle finger, and thumb. I WANTED to put an old fashioned french on the ring and index finger. What that is is to paint a half moon at the base of the nail, next to the cuticle-mimicking the half moon that is on the finger naturally. I wanted to do it in black, and it would have looked SO COOL!  BUT I just couldn't figure out how to do it!  So, I settled for another Konad stamp.
My Konad plate has some cool french tip designs, so I chose one that would look best with the argyle. I had some trouble getting it on there straight though.  These Konad stamps are hard!   

Sorry about the crappy pictures. It was night when I did this and it's really hard to take good pictures indoors. Oh well....

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