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Friday, September 9, 2011

Water Marble

This water marble was done for the Trace Adkins concert that I went to with my mom. I wore a shirt in these same colors and I wanted to match.  :o)  I love how the gold turned out in it and I also love how it really does look like marble-especially the thumb!                                   

The colors I used are from L to R: Opi DS Glow, Finger Paint's Tiffany Imposter, and OPI Suzi SAys Feng Shui.  Also, I did not use a base coat and I believe that a base coat of white would have looked better!
It still takes me about an hour to do this, but the neat thing is that the multi-colors cover a multitude of sins. You do not notice the wear at the tips of the nails like you would with one color, and any nicks are camoflaged by the different colors in the polish.               

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