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Friday, October 7, 2011

3 Hummingbirds, 2 Scrub Jays, and 1 Sad Trumpet Flower

I warned you that I get excited about different things at random times, right?   Well, I have taken up bird watching with Scott a couple of years ago at our old house. Now that we've moved into our first home, we have taken notice of our own bird haven.   I decided this past weekend to chronicle in pictures the birds that we see on our property.  Two days ago, I posted a woodpecker, hummingbirds, and Quail.
  Here are the birds I found today!  Of course more hummingbirds (we have counted 5-8 of them so far. I say five. My husband says eight.)

Hummingbird on our not yet planted flower.

This hummingbird feels the need to chase of other hummingbirds from "His" plants.  We watched them  chase each other for a good hour today.

Below is a dead oak tree that is across the street from us. You may be wondering why I posted a picture of it here. This ugly dead tree that no one even notices when passing by, houses dozens of birds and gives shelter and rest to hundreds of birds a day. In this picture are three hummingbirds, a woodpecker, and several other birds! One person's trash is another birds' treasure.  :o)
Dead oak tree across the street.
The lone Steller's Jay in our yard.   My husband was throwing peanuts to the Scrub jays and this was the lone steller's jay.
Scrub jay looking for peanuts on the ground near our newly planted tree.
Scrub jays come flying when Scott throws the peanuts. They all tell each other about it and then chase each other off from them!
I got this funny picture of the Steller's Jay taking off from the fence post.
My dad got me a cutting from a yellow trumpet flower that he got at a jobsite. Did you know you can just stick these in dirt, make sure it is completely soaked for two weeks, and it will grow roots and become its own plant?  It will look completely dead for two weeks, but then you will notice new growth at the base of the stalks. :o) I will post pictures two weeks from now to prove it!

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