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Thursday, October 13, 2011

!930's Vintage Half-Moon in Red

I am still going strong on my 1930's manicures!  I am so enthralled by the restrictions, and the strangeness of this manicure, yet what is ironic to me is that of all the colors that were acceptable back then, red was at the forefront!  RED?!  In my opinion, red is a vampy, naughty, look-at-me color.  So of course, I HAD to do the red version!  I went to the store this time and bought french tip tape. I really wanted to get this one right. 
Cutex ad from the 1930's.

 I used OPI "My Kind Of Brown" and OPI "Alpine Snow."  Both are older OPI nail polishes that I have had for years.  I thought I had a real winner. I took my time and tried to do everything right.  This time, I painted two coats of Alpine Snow on all of my nails. After it dried, I put hole reinforcements on the half-moons and french tip tape on the tips.  Unfortunately, I think I screwed up the placement of the french tip tape. The white tip came out way too thick for my taste.  Not to mention how very unforgiving a dark red can be next to white. :o)
 These pictures actually look pretty decent (thick french tip line aside.)  I love the contrast of the deep red and white.

 In this picture you can see where my top coat started to smear the red into the white tip.  You can also see where the lines weren't as clean as I thought they would be from the tapes. I really expected crisp and clean! :o(
You can see what I mean on the pinkie and ring finger. Some of the nails on my other hand were even worse.

I really liked this picture from a purely artistic point of view.
 In all, the photographs look much better than the nails did in reality. I did not like it in person and I did not like the thick white french tip. I may try this again sometime when I am not disgusted by the amount of time I took doing this, just to have it fail.  If you try it, I would love to see the results!  What are your thoughts on this attempt?

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