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Thursday, October 6, 2011

Birds of a Feather

My husband grew up looking at and studying different types of birds with his dad. My sister and her husband love to watch and identify birds.  I never gave a rip about birds, to be honest.
BUT when it turned out we had a bird oasis at our last home, I started bird watching with my husband, and a new love was born.
At our old house, we had hummingbirds, doves, robins, owls, swallows, mockingbirds, and that is just to name a few!  This past January, we moved into our first purchased home, and it seemed as if there were NO birds at all!
As it turns out, it was the middle of winter and there weren't that many around; but this spring, we had bird mayhem in our yard!  Quail were nesting and raising their young in our yard, we found a California Thrasher,  way too many Scrub Jays, owls, bats, an Oriole, several different birds that aren't coming to mind right now, and the bonus for me was the woodpeckers!   
Unfortunately, we saw only one hummingbird. 
That all changed seemingly overnight, when after months of planting hummingbird attractants and placing many hummingbird feeders in our yard, we suddenly found ourselves surrounded by at least 5-8 hummingbirds!  WOOHOO!
A family of Quail going through my backyard.
Today, there were AT LEAST 70 quail in our yard.  I counted three different families. The ones above are one group.
Woodpecker on my fruit tree
I rarely ever see the woodpecker, and when I do, it is across the street in the dead oak tree with binoculars.   These pictures were taken today in MY yard, on MY fruit tree!  He is so beautiful!

Posing for the camera!

Not sure what this is. My husband would know though!

"Do a little dance..."
 The yard was so busy this morning with birds!  I sat outside for an hour and a half just watching! Below you can see a bird behind the left sunflower head picking out seeds!  Scott put those on the fence so it would be easier for them to get!
Sunflower heads
 This morning, there were three hummingbirds all chasing each other off of the feeders and plants. I had no idea how territorial they are!
Hungry Hummingbird
I wish I could get better pictures of the hummers!  But they are so fast!  These are the only two pictures that came out.
Hummingbird keeping a watchful eye out for what's his.
I hope you enjoyed this as much as I enjoyed watching them!


Anonymous said...

Wow!!!!! What a cool post! Beautiful pictures! A rare treat, for you especially but also for us being able to share via your pictures and blog! I'm really amazed by the variety of birds you have on your property! the little yellow guy that Scott 'will know'....he is so cute just sittin' there like he owns the place! The pics you got of the woodpecker are wonderful, and clear, and wow! The hummingbirds...the couple of pics you did manage to get, are just sort of heartwarming! Thanks for sharing these! Awe-inspiring :) (Me)

illustratedlady said...

Thanks! um...who's "Me"? :o)