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Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Gardening passion!

Check out this stunning plant that my mother-in-law bought me!  
 It is called a Lion's Tail, and it is awesome!  My husband came home with it the other day, and I screamed with delight when he walked up with it!  His mom has one in her stunningly beautiful yard, and I fell in love with it!  Apparently, it is also a hummingbird attractor, which is awesome, because Scott and I are trying to only plant hummingbird plants on our 3 acres.
 There are these pom-pom like flowers on each stalk about every 6 inches.
 The hummingbirds stick their little beaks in the orange part of the flower and sometimes the flower gets tuck on their beak and they fly away with them!
 Here is a pom-pom that is just about to bud.

 I also bought a Trumpet Flower at Aromas Day!  HOPEFULLY, it is the light pink and white one. I fell in love with that color combo...
 Scott went on a clearance spending spree at Sierra Azul. He bought these two salvias for a steal!  The hummingbirds are already eating of of them.

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 Below, you can see a beautiful African Sage that I bought at Aromas Day. It is organically grown on a farm in Aromas.  If you look closely, you can see that the veins of the leaves are purple!  So beautiful!

 This is a penstemon that we have in our front yard that the hummingbirds just love!


Anonymous said...

I love looking at your different plants! How fun and how exciting to watch the birds and hummingbirds flock to your garden!
(Me won't let me sign in by my name)

Britzy said...

Oh wow. I have absolutely NO garden commitment, therefore I am in awe of anyone who shows the kind of dedication it takes to care for a garden. And I LOVE walking by houses to check out people's gardens. Out of all of those plants you have shown in your blog the Lion's Tale is my favorite - I can understand and appreciate your squeal of delight :)

illustratedlady said...

Oh I am so glad that the gardening part of my life is still interesting to people! I love gardening, although my commitment level comes and goes-probably because of the seasons! When the yard looks better, I will post more pictures of it as a whole rather than just individual plants.
The Lion's Tail amazing, isn't it? To think I never even knew about it a month ago!
Thanks for reading!