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Friday, October 14, 2011

I am so bad! $20 worth of nail polish!

By the time you read this, I will be in Pennsylvania visiting my sister and my niece, and we are going to go to NYC overnight while I am there!  I plan on buying some sweet nail polishes in New York from Ricky's and Sephora, as well as spending money at the NBA store and who knows were else?
 THAT is why I should not be spending money on nail polish right now!  BUT I went t o Sally's, Target, and CVS to get some nail wheels to swatch my polishes and some silk wraps  for my cracked nail.  I resisted the temptation to buy anything at CVS. (I'm not sure how-they have so much-Essie, Sally Hansen, Revlon, Wet N Wild...And I don't even own any Essie yet!)  But then I went to Sally's. I found my silk wraps and color wheels; but at the register I saw this cute bottle of Sally Girl Glow In the Dark nail polish! I have been toying with getting a glow in the dark, and here was this cute .18 oz sampler for .39 cents!  I couldn't resist! I want to try Chalkboard Nails "Eyes in the Dark" manicure with it!
 Then I went to Target right around the corner. I have been wanting to do a camouflage pattern on my nails in honor of my tine in the Marine Corps and haven't quite found the right colors, but this NYC In A Minute Quick Dry named "Mulberry Street," was perfect and it was only $1.14!
Right below it I scanned the polishes, and was rising to stand and walk away, when my eyes saw this glittery beauty!
Did I miss this on my last journeys to Target?  It was screaming my name, so I bought it. NYC Long Wearing Nail Enamel "Starry Silver Glitter."  I have quickly become a glitter polish freak, and I can't wait to try this out!

I LOVE this picture. :)
 The crowning glory of my haul are these beauties by Sonia Kashuk.  Previously, I had not seen any Kashuk polishes, so when I walked by her area, I was stunned to see these!  They must have just restocked, because all of her polishes were there. I had to use some restraint, as these were $5 each, and I really wanted a few more from her collection.
They have this beautiful muted, rich earth tone that is totally me!
Maybe you can't tell in the picture, but the middle one is a camo green color!  Woohoo!  Camo nails, here I come!  The bottles are super duper cute too.  Just a side note, I noticed that these bottles are exactly the same as the Pure Ice bottles that Wal-Mart sells. Super cute and easy to hold too!  Anyways, they are aptly named, "Chocoholic," Fatigued," and "Taunting Teal."  Interestingly, I haven' really seen Kashuk's polishes reviewed or talked about on the blogs I read. I wonder why?

There you have it!  Hopefully soon, I can swatch these and also do a camouflage manicure as well!

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