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Sunday, October 23, 2011

I love New York!

While this picture may look completely gross to you, it is completely amazing food off of a food truck in front of Times Square.
Chicken and Rice is its name, and I had read about it online when I was reading about things to eat in NYC. When I stood in line for food at this truck, I noticed 3 different local business men all ordering this same dish. I figured locals can't be wrong- and I was right (or they were!)
My sister and I both bought it outside of FAO Schwartz and the memorial to Steve Jobs in Manhattan and we only wished we could eat it all. YUM!
Now that the important stuff (food) is out of the way...
My sister and I and my niece went to NYC for two days. My sister drove and she did an outstanding job!  We walked around Manhattan at night and we saw Elmo!  Or-more accurately-my niece saw Elmo and yelled his name. So, we went over and he so graciously (for a dollar) took a picture with her.
She was giggling so loudly when he held her! (In her hand is "Polkadots," the cat I bought her at FAO Schwartz.
NYC skyline from the ferry.
NYC is a passion of mine. I am head over heels in love with it and I have been since 7th grade. This was my 3rd visit, and this time we rode the ferry to Ellis Island and Liberty Island.  Here is the view from the ferry!
Ellis Island is a must see if you go to NYC. This three story museum is filled with memorabilia, information, and quotes from immigrants who came over here.  We spent a good couple of hours looking through the museum and I took a ton of pictures in there!

My sister bought us tickets to go into the pedestal of Lady Liberty and this is the view of her from the top of her pedestal.  It was about 3 stories up from the ground and super windy!  We found out from a worker that they are closing the pedestal this week for a year for renovations!  How awesome for us that we got to go in!  There are replicas in real size made of copper of her face and feet.  There is also information about the man who designed her and built her-the same man who built the Eiffel Tower!

The Statue of Liberty
This photo has doubtless been taken a billion times, but THESE are mine. :o)  She is so photogenic, who can blame me?
My little Sony did this!

Give me your tired, your poor...

It was incredibly windy, so ignore the hair!
Of course, it wouldn't be right to leave out the nail polishes I bought in NYC!  Unfortunately, I only bought two.
I am still kicking myself for not going into Duane Reade- a drugstore there that had some stuff in it that I had never seen before. I am dumb.
ANYWAY.  Here is my tiny little NYC haul!  I bought Sephora OPI Traffic Stopper Copper and my first Nails Inc polish called Chelsea Square.
Do you notice at all that I have  developed a THING for glitter polishes? It is taking over my life and I love it!  Stay tuned these next few days for manicures featuring these very beautiful polishes.


Jenn said...

LOVE this post, simply because I won't get around to my NYC pictures for weeks! LOVE the glitter polishes and mourn the lack of time for me to try them after your bought them. LOVE your hair in the windy photo! I couldn't ever ignore it! LOVE that we went to NYC again together, and LOVE that next year (?) we'll take a bus line and cabs and spend at least one night and GUESS WHAT!? I ALREADY have a great offer to keep Victoria during Rick's workday! (gotta save $$ to pay her!).
I love you!
You're the best sister ever!
And Victoria LOVES her kitchen set! LOVES it.
And she LOVES the playdoh kit from Grampa and Mema.
And she LOVES all the animals you got for her.
LET'S see those NYC nails, Girl!

illustratedlady said...

I am so glad we went again, even though I really wasn't feeling like myself. I am so glad Victoria finally got a kitchen set! And my NY nail polishes will post these next two days. Copper one first, pink one next!