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Friday, October 21, 2011

My sister's polish haul!

Sally Hansen Deep Purple, Pure Ice: Outrageous, Cheatin, Alpine Snow,
Heart Breaker, and A-List
So I look through my sister's polishes and count about 5 polishes. SAD.  She's had them for several years too.
She went with me to Wal-Mart and she picks u[ all of these beautiful polishes!  Plus one that I forgot to put in this pic!
Needless to say, she fell in love with Pure Ice!  Below, you can see three of those colors on HER New York nails!
She started with two coats of Deep Purple on all but her ring finger. She put two coats of Pure Ice Outrageous on her ring finger. She then decided to put a coat of the beautiful Cheatin on top of the Outrageous to tie it into the other nails.

Pure Ice Outrageous
She had bought my niece some stickers for her finger and decided to incorporate some on her fingers. A pretty white flower in the corner of her middle finger finished off the look!
My niece, Victoria, decided she wanted her nails done too. We tried two colors that she wasn't happy with. I asked her if she would like to have one color on each nail and decide which one she liked best, and, of course, she said yes!
I ended up putting Pure Ice orange, blue, white, pink, and SH Deep Purple on her nails. And she totally loved it as is!
This pose is all her own...
(I notice her cupcake sprinkles are under her hands...)


Jenn said...

:( I've had the MK white forever, but the other "five" are new! I just bought them last summer, after I threw out FIFTEEN colors by MK that I'd also had forever! So, my stash hasn't always been sad. :o)

illustratedlady said...

Lol. I was shocked at how few you had. Even I had about 12 before my polish frenzy began! Of course, they were all pinks and reds. I haven't even worn red since starting all of this! LOL. I still own ONE MK polish, and I am not even sure why! It sucks. LOL