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Wednesday, October 12, 2011

My Vintage (1930's) Half-Moon Manicure in Pink

After seeing a half-moon manicure on Rebbeca Likes Nails, I was awed and curious.  I quickly did my own version, a vampy, modern half-moon.  I loved it so much, I didn't take it off for days, and I couldn't stop staring at it!  
The curious side of me won out, and I started researching the history of the half-moon manicure. I found that Dita Von Teese brought back the half-moon manicure. There are various photos of her on the red carpet sporting the white half moon with red nail polish.
When I researched further, I read that the half-moon actually started in the 1920's and lasted through most of the '30's.  But it is a very different half-moon than the one we are acquainted with.
Below is an ad for Cutex nail polish showing the original half-moon manicure...
 As you can see it included the tip of the nail as well!  Coral, Rose and Ruby were the popular shades of the times.  Almond shaped nails were also the trend.

 I was so enthralled with this idea (ridiculous as it now seems), that I decided to recreate it as authentically as I could.  This turned out to be much, much harder than it seemed in my head.
 I started with an old Sally Hansen Maximum Growth Plus polish called "Honor."  I put hole reinforcement stickers on each of my fingers. Unfortunately, I didn't have french tip tape, so I painstakingly painted the pink that you see in the picture.

 I then took off the hole reinforcements, and painted the white half-moons with Kiss White nail striper. I painted the french tip with Wet N Wild white. It is amazing for french tips! It flows on flawlessly!

 I thought this manicure turned out pretty well myself!  I was reminded of Converse Tennis shoes every time I looked at it. It looks kind of sporty to me. What do you think?
 Stay tuned tomorrow for another version of this manicure!  (I DID warn you that I am slightly manic when I learn something new, right?)

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