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Sunday, October 16, 2011

New York Nails!

Pure Ice A-List with Sally Hansen Xtreme Wear Deep Purple
My sister, Jennifer, and I (and my 4 yr old niece Victoria) had been planning a two day trip to NYC for some time now. We go on that trip today, so last night, we decided we needed to do our nails for that trip!
I thought it was the perfect time to swatch my Pure Ice "A List" that I had bought in a previous post and had said I would swatch.  Here is two coats of A List and my ring finger is accented with two coats of Sally Hansen Xtreme Wear Deep Purple and two coats of Pure Ice Heart Breaker.
Pure Ice Heart Breaker
I decided that the nails were missing a certain cohesiveness, so I put a coat of Pure Ice Cheatin over the A list and a coat of Pure Ice Heart Breaker over the ring finger.  It brought some Purple onto the blue and some blue onto the purple!
You can see that the Cheatin has small purple and blue flecks of glitter in a coat of clear gloss.  I love how it connects it to the purple ring finger!
Sally Hansen Xtreme Wear Deep Purple
Pure Ice Heartbreaker

The Pure Ice Heart Breaker's looks can be deceiving. My sister bought this thinking that it would be the color that was in the bottle. We got it home and I put five coats on my bare nail before realizing it would never be opaque by a long shot! It has a shimmer of blue as the base with some subtle holographic tendencies. She was disappointed with it and so was I.
I decided that I would see if it showed up on my purple accent nail, because I wanted to have something blue on my purple nail and that was all we had available.
I was stunned by what happened!

What was once a barely-there hint of blue base with polish, is now a stunning blue holographic that shimmers brilliantly, yet subtly in the sunlight!
My sister and I were both stunned by it, and fortunately her polish WILL be used again when she replicates my manicure!
I will be wearing this manicure today and tomorrow while in NYC! But you better believe I will be buying many more polishes while I am there!

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