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Saturday, October 29, 2011

An old passion-That lasted a month: Jewelry Making

In my "About Me" section I talked about the purpose of my blog: which was to share with the world my many passions-however fleeting!
It might look like a nail blog right now (it does to me too!), but I know myself well enough, to know that in 6 months, I might never blog about nails again!
While I love doing my nails, I just don't foresee doing my nails daily just so I can blog about it!  So, in those off moments, I will share past and somewhat current passions...
THIS passion, jewelry making, lasted all of a month?  I made a few pieces of jewelry by myself and with my mother-in-law, then got bored-real quick!

It is just too tedious and boring for me. :o)
But I did make a few pieces, and my favorite is the very last picture!

I love these jade heart earrings!  I still have them!
Anyone want a box full of beads and stuff though? I don't plan on using them...

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