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Monday, October 24, 2011

$OPI Traffic Stopper Copper! oh my...

When my sister and I went to NYC, we found Sephora in Manhattan.  I was busy being enthralled by everything I saw, when this stunning beauty popped out at me!
This is Sephora by OPI's Traffic-Stopper Copper!  This is two coats of Traffic-Stopper Copper layered over two coats of Sonia Kashuk's Fatigued. You may remember Fatigued from my camouflage nail manicure.
I originally thought that because this Sephora polish was mostly a clear coat, that it would serve fine as a top coat as well. I notice in this picture though, that the finish looks flat, even though it didn't in real life.
I love how it gives the green a little bling without going overboard.  Understated elegance, I say!

When I first decided to wear this, I realized that I couldn't really wear it on its own. So, I pulled out my nail wheels and swatched a few polishes to see what I liked best.  These were my top three!
I still intend to wear the teal-blue one with this at a later date.

I never did do a swatch of my Sonia Kashuk Fatigued.  I have been reading a lot of nail blogs and one thing that is super helpful on them for me has been reading where to buy certain polishes. So, I bought this at Target!  The Sonia Kashuk polishes have been a little bit of a pain to put on. They don't go on very smoothly, and you need three coats to make it opaque. If you aren't quick, it could get somewhat lumpy.
Why then, do I buy them?  The colors are outstanding!

Back to our regularly scheduled program...
This is a close-up of Fatigued with Traffic-Stopper Copper layered over it.  It layers very thinly, and I love that about it!  It allows you to dress up your already existing nail polishes!

Check out the large circles of glitter in this bottle!  What you can't see is that there are super tiny flecks of glitter in there as well!  But you can see them in the above photo of my thumb.
I put the first coat of this polish on, and it was a little lop-sided in the layering. Large circles of glitter would sometimes clump together, but then leave other areas of my nail empty.  I put two coats on to get a more even layer and I also maneuvered some circle glitters around.
This is so well worth the buy though!  I want more of this type!

One last look at this beautiful glitter polish from Sephora by OPI.    Don't miss this one!  It is amazing!

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