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Saturday, October 15, 2011

Taunting Teal and Champagne French Manicure

I used two polishes that I had recently bought on this French manicure.  From yesterday's haul, I have Sonia Kashuk's "Taunting Teal, " and from another haul, I have Pure Ice's "Champagne."

 I actually had no plan when I started. I thought I would swatch the Champagne, since I had only swatched one Pure Ice that I had bought.

I actually didn't like it too much after I put it on. It seemed rather boring. It also didn't go on as smoothly as Pure Ice "Outrageous."  I had trouble getting good coverage too. I only put two coats, and the nail line was very visible. So then I looked at Sonia Kashuk's "Taunting Teal."  I thought it would look good with champagne, so I put on tip tape, and did a French.
Pure Ice  Champagne from Wal-Mart
 I forgot to take pictures of it the next morning and after work, there was some tip wear. Sorry 'bout that. :o)
Sonia Kashuk Taunting Teal from Target
It wasn't enough for me, so I used a stencil from my Kiss nail art polishes, and stenciled an accent nail.

 I like how it turned out-crisp and clean-but it isn't really me. It looks kind of high-end, rich, old lady. HAHA! But these tips are how I wish the red, half-moon manicure had worked out.
Can you tell I am still thinking about my failed red half-moon manicure? ;o)
All in all, not a bad manicure, but not my favorite either. Just another reason to start again!

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