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Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Vintage Half-Moon Manicure

IN the early to mid 30's, women were wearing nail polish on the nails, but keeping their half-moons and tips bare or white. The nail polish colors used were reds, pinks and nudes.  By the late '30's women were painting their entire nails. (God forbid!)   
Thanks to the nail blogs I have been enamored with, I just recently learned about this style of nail art.  This is my more modern, vampy take on the vintage look.
 I basically went over the manicure I already had. If you remember, two days ago, I posted my "Meet Me At the Met" manicure. It was an old Finger Paints polish that I had in my stash.
  I got bored of it, and decided to try the 1930's half-moon design. I used another old Finger Paints nail polish. Unfortunately, the sticker with the name is long gone, so I don't know the name of it!  It is a deep shimmer red that looks slightly glittery in the light. Since it is over a dark grey base coat, you can't see the gold flecks that are there when it is by itself.
 I completely love how this look turned out!  This is totally me-from the charcoal grey to the deep vampy red; I am 100% in this look!  My only disappointment is that I need to practice placing the hole reinforcement stickers when I do it (that is what I used to get the half-moon look.) I am very interested in recreating an authentic 1930's half-moon manicure now that I know what it should look like! Stay tuned for that!  And also, many thanks to The Painted Woman for the information I got on the Vintage Half-Moon look. There is a wealth of knowledge on that blog. Well worth the read!


imfeelingnail-venturous said...

I love those two colors together! Looks great! Matches your blog!

illustratedlady said...

Oh how funny! It does doesn't it? No wonder I like it! Hey, thanks for the support! I appreciate it. :o)