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Monday, October 31, 2011

Will the REAL Halloween Nail Please Stand Up?

    I was originally going to change a few nails because I didn't like some of my original Halloween nails, but I ended up changing them ALL!
    Lest you think I came up with these all on my own, I left a link for each one that I borrowed from another nail blog.
So how cute are these?!
     I have a vampire on my pinkies, a girl skull with a bow on my ring fingers, a sparkly spider web on my middle fingers, glow-in-the-dark eyeballs on my index fingers, and a cute frankenstein on my thumbs!
  There is no way I am going to take pics of each polish I used with each design, so here they all are at once!
   OPI Green-wich Village, Wet N Wild Metallica, ManGlaze Butt Taco, Wet N Wild French White Cream, Sally Hanses Xtreme Wear Pumpkin Spice and Black Out, Sally Girl Glow-in-the-Dark, and three nail art colors: red glitter, black and white....
Oh-and two dotting tools!
  On my thumbs I did this cute Frankenstein!  If you want to learn how to do it go to this video to do the Frankensteins.

How cute is he?!  He is my favorite nail!
I put two coats of the only green I owned. With a black nail art brush, I drew the hair, the mouth and the eyebrows. With a dotting tool, I did the eyes.
 On my index fingers are funny googly eyes with a smirk.  There are two coats of black and then I used the dotting tool for the eyes. I put some glow-in-the-dark on top of the white eyes. I put two more black dots on top of that, then red lines on the white.  Then, I added the smirk.

    I borrowed ideas from several different nail blogs to do this spiderweb design. It is two coats of an orange, simple black lines with a nail art brush, then I coated over with Sally Hansen Pumpkin Spice to give it the glittery effect.
Here are the two blog posts that helped me: Chalkboard nails spider webs and Adventures in Acetone sparkly webs.

On my ring finger is a cute sugar skull with a bow on her head!  I watched a few Youtube tutorials on skulls and incorporated ideas from each of them.  Here is the one that helped me most: skull video.

This little vampire is really not very threatening. Actually, he looks a little frightened!  I used two coats of a silver, then followed this video for the vampire.
Googly eyed guy
This guy is a little different than the other one because I gave him a little squiggle smile.

     So there you have it!  My REAL Halloween nails that I am wearing today!  This was so much fun!  I can see why people do nail art. I just can't take the few hours out of my day to do it all the time!
   Let me know how you liked it1 I appreciate the comments-it makes me feel like I am actually writing to people!


Sarah said...

Very cute mix up nails! I love them! Thanks for the shout out!

Britzy said...

My favorite post so far - very cute! But I wonder how on earth you are able to paint BOTH hands so deftly? I'm pretty good with my right - but the left hand just isn't up to scratch. You are very talented indeed!

illustratedlady said...

Thanks Sarah! Love your blog, I learn so much on there!
Britzy, thank you! I am not sure how I did my other hand either! It was pretty awkward and I did mess up a little on the vampire an frankenstein, but nobody really noticed. :o)

imfeelingnail-venturous said...

Super cute!