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Friday, October 28, 2011

Zoya Robyn with Konad Stamp

Zoya Robyn

As much as I loved Zoya Ki, I couldn't wait to try on another Zoya polish!  I have been eyeing this color of blue for a few weeks now.  A lot of brands make a variation of this color, but  Zoya perfected it!   When I had the chance to get Zoya's B2G2, I KNEW I wanted this beautiful blue!
Here is a swatch of two coats of Robyn topped with a coat of SV.  It is a traffic stopper in my opinion! Funny thing-a few months ago when I was getting really into nail polish, I had NO blues!  I only had reds and pinks. I started buying blues to use in water marbling, but I didn't really like blue on my nail alone.
THAT has changed thanks to this polish! I now own more blue nail polishes than any other color!

Konad Plate M60
I decided to cross my fingers and hope that I could get my Konad to work with me this time. I figured the best bet was to use a more abstract pattern rather than the geometric ones. That way if I made mistake (which I did) it wouldn't be as noticeable. I also thought Robyn would look really great with a silver pattern on top of it!
I used Konad M60, and the paisley pattern on the top left.

Zoya Robyn and Konad Paisleys in silver!
Here is the finished product!  I am really quite happy with it!  I was going to do a French tip on all of my nails, but changed my mind and only did my ring fingers as an accent.
There is a base coat, 2 coats of Robyn, Konad's silver polish, and a top coat of SV. I also wrapped my tips to see if the SV would shrink on me this time. Happy to say that after three days, it has NOT!
Zoya on black background
Have you noticed that my pictures are not shot in my back yard?.
I built myself a cheap $2 light box (link is at bottom of post) and I have been happily experimenting with light and different hand positions and a white vs. black background.
I have decided to go with a black background. I like how it looks!
What I am not sure about is hand position...
 I have put two hand positions in here, and I would love it if you could comment and tell me your favorite hand position.   I have decided to keep the hand position where I am holding the bottle of polish, but I want to add one of these as well...

Hand Position #1

Hand Position #2
Which one do you like?


Sylvia Lazo said...

zBoth are good but my vote is for #1 :)

Jenn said...

I like when you pose your hand with the nail polish bottle.

Jenn said...

I absolutely love this konad print! I kinda need me one! LOL!