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Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Another Haul! OPI Muppets and My 1st CND and Essie Polishes!

Thanks to a very great friend of mine, I got these awesome polishes for next to nothing!  AND thanks to another friend, I found out that the Muppet Collection was finally available in the area!
As much as I would love to snatch up every new and Limited Edition polish that comes out, it really doesn't make sense for me. So I did restrain myself somewhat...if you call eleven nail polishes and a lip gloss restraint. :o)

My reason for going in the first place was for some of the Muppet Collection polishes. Three of the four were on my wish list. The brown one was a spur of the moment buy!
From L-R: Divine Swine, Gettin Miss Piggy With It, Warm and Fozzie, and Meep-Meep-Meep.  These are the first reds I have bought since getting on the nail polish wagon.  The lip gloss came in a package with Divine Swine and I have used it already and it IS divine!
These two OPI's weren't on my list, but I couldn't pass them up!  I can't seem to get enough of purple, and these were no exception!  From L-R: Significant Other Color and Louvre Me, Louvre Me Not.  OPI's names always have such cute play on words...
the picture isn't photo accurate. Significant Other Color lools like a very light pink creme, and it is actually a holographic lavender... Louvre Me is also much more berry colored. Not sure what happened to this picture!  Usually my photos are much more color accurate.
Basically, I bought this because of I have seen CND on other blogs, and it isn't available in retail stores, so when I saw the display, I wanted to nab SOMETHING!   I couldn't figure out what to get, so I bought this duo and a matte top coat.
The Plum Truffle Collection consists of Plum truffle color which is a blood red color and Plum Truffle Sparkle Effect which is a glittery clear coated top coat.
The matte top coat, which I had been so excited about is a dud. I wrote about it for my Halloween manicure, and it didn't work AT ALL. I am super disapointed with that!
I have yet to buy any Essie's (actually, I HAVE bought some Essie's, they just haven't arrived in the mail yet), so these are my first Essie's!
I had never heard of Essie nail polish until I started reading nail blogs, and naturally I wanted to try it out! They have Essie at Target and Rite-Aid, but for $8 a pop, I couldn't find a color that stood out to me as being one-of-a-kind and worth the money.
These however, cost me hardly anything, and so I bought these beauties!
L-R: Sexy Divide and Dive Bar.
Sexy Divide looks faintly pink and purple holographic.
Dive Bar (love the name!) is a blue and purple holograph.
I can't wait to try these!
There you have it!  My newbies to the collection! At this rate, I am going to have a lot of untried to try!
And today, I should be getting my Sephora order and my order!
I see a lot of nail polish in my future!

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