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Friday, November 25, 2011

CULT NAILS in The Mail!

I got my Cult Nails in the mail!  Woohoo!!!!!!!!!!!!  So, I couldn't wait to try them on!  I only had my Thanksgiving water marble on for one day, and so I left the water marble on two nails and painted one of my new Cult Nails polishes on to match. I bought the Super Powers Collection which is now sold out. Let me first tell you what this nail polish is, then I will give you a little run-down on who Cult Nails is.  This is called Power Thief. It is a grey-brown jelly with small golden flecks in the polish.  Personally, I do not like nude or brown polishes, but the star of this collection was the polish formerly known as Unicorn Puke-AND I WANTED IT BADLY!      
 Bad enough to warrant buying $40 worth of nail polish to get the one. :o)  Once I DID put Power Thief on, though, it grew on me. If I had to wear a brown, it would be this one. It went on smoothly and covered in two and a half coats. (Some nails need two coats, some three.)  The shimmer makes this brown interesting enough.  It is a nice fall color.
 Now, about Cult Nails. If you have never heard of it, it is a business that started as a blog written by a woman who loved nail polish and could never find the colors she wanted, so she started making her own. One thing led to another and now she sells her own brand of FOUR-free nail polish. Here is what 4-free means-taken directly from her website:
Her polish is B3 Free which means they don't contain Toulene, Formaldehyde or Dibutyl Phthalate. But she didn't stop there, Cult Nails Nail Lacquers are also free of Camphor. Cult Nails is a Cruelty Free company and does not test on animals or use products that are tested on animals or that are animal byproducts. All polish is Vegan friendly. In keeping with our green initiatives all packaging is recyclable and some even reusable.  We use only recycled/recycleable boxes to ship our polish that can be reused or recycled by the consumer and utilize cotton balls for our packaging materials. This not only allows the polish to be protected during shipment, but supplies our customers with some of the materials  needed to remove their old polish once our product arrives! The cotton ball initiative, as we like to call it, was a concept from Maria's 12 year old daughter.
 By the way, her blog is fantastic as well. You can visit it here-R3Daily.  I am super excited to show you the other three polishes I bought from Cult Nails too! I will post about two of them tomorrow-one of them being the polish formerly known as Unicorn Puke. *Super Excited!*
 Hope you all had a great Thanksgiving and a great Black Friday! Personally, I went into two stores at 8:45am, and bought some pans I needed and a super cute Loungefly purse and wallet I wanted! Then I got out of there!


TopCoatIt said...

I ordered that collection too. I wonder when I'll get mine? I should check the tracking. I'm excited!

illustratedlady said...

Can't wait to see your swatches!