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Monday, November 21, 2011

I Am Making and Selling Beach Glass Jewelry!

 Okay, I warned you this would be a roller coaster ride, right?  To make a long story longer, let me give you the run down on how the title of this blog post came to be...
My husband and I have been collecting beach glass and other items for several years from the surrounding beaches that we live near.  I collect beach glass, smooth pretty stones, and whole shells. He collects beach glass, pottery pieces, all types of shells and other weird stuff he can find.
Several years ago, I went to a Beach glass jewelry festival in Portland and was amazed by what I found there!  I have been toying with making jewelry out of beach glass since then, but never really started. I played around with beading jewelry and what-not and it didn't last long at all.
After going to the Santa Cruz Beach Glass Festival and seeing what they had for sale, I KNEW I could do it myself and make it more affordable for people. A week ago, I bought a Dremmel tool and went to work!  I have sold these earrings already and the last necklace in this post!
These are sterling silver ear hooks with three pieces of white beach glass drilled through the center and put on sterling silver wire. I hand-picked through our stash of glass to find pieces that closely resembled each other. I sold these already, but have another set just like it as well as a pair of lime green ones!

This necklace is made of five pieces of smooth stones I found at Moss Landing Beach last Sunday.  I drilled each stone and put it on a 16" chain!  

I haven't quite decided on pricing yet. There are several factors I have to consider, and you, my readers, get to hear it all!  First, there is the cost of materials. Second, is time spent making the jewelry. Third, is the rarity of some of the pieces. (Red and orange glass is super rare. White, green, brown are common.)
 I just started making these a week ago, and hadn't planned on letting the cat out of the bag; but I figured my blog is all about this crazy ride I take with all of these passions I have!
 A necklace like this on other beach glass websites would go for $150 -$200!  I want to make it a fair price, but am nowhere near figuring that out yet.  Another thing I need help figuring out is a name for my "business."  I came up with "Sticks and Stones Jewelry."  The issue I have with this name is that there is no reference to beach glass in it.  Can you, my creative and amazing readers help me out with a name? I need a creative name!  I'm not good with play on words, so help a girl out! If you can make the name I came up with better, that would be great too!
 This next necklace sold almost immediately after I made it!  I came up with this idea on my own. I stacked three smooth, flat oval rocks on top of each other and they seemed to want to be together!  There is a red, sand, and black stone layered one on top of the other.  I drilled each one twice and strung it on a 16" chain.
 It is very understated elegance in my opinion!

If you are interested in buying my jewelry, please let me know! As I said before, this is just in the beginning stages! I don't even have pricing down yet!  But I am open to talking about price and custom pieces.  I can also make items for gifts for Christmas if necessary!
Here is some of the acceptable beach glass I found in our stash to make jewelry with!

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