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Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Making My Sister's Amazing Muffins!

I was bored and it was cold in my house, so I decided to make my sister's delicious muffins!
She has a blog that you can click on in the last sentence, so go visit and follow her-she just started it!
The first muffins I made are Peanutbutter Chocolate.  YUM!!
My workspace is a little messy. :o)
These are the delicious muffins afterwards!

My 2nd recipe and by far everyone's favorite is Pumpkin Apple Muffins.  These are AMAZING!  Here is the delicious streusel that goes on the tops. It was a lot easier making it this time than the time I tried it at my sister's house. I finally got the hang of it!
Here, I am mixing the pumpkin and all the wet ingredients.
Then the chopped up apples go in. It wasn't too bad to chop up since I had a great corer/slicer!
Before they go in the oven!
Emily, My pittie, was so totally begging for an apple slice, so I gave her some!  I forgot to take pics of them afterwards. duh. :o(   Trust me when I say, they were super moist and yummy!

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