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Sunday, November 6, 2011

My 1st Essie Nail Polish-Dive Bar!

In my last nail polish haul, I bought my first two Essie nail polishes. I have to say that the reason I never bought Essie is because I thought that for $8 a pop, I could find her colors elsewhere for cheaper. I just didn't see anything super special. (I know I just upset all the Essie die-hards, but keep reading!)
Well, I had the chance to get some Essie polishes for super cheap, so I did!

 This is Essie "Dive Bar."  The website calls it "a mysterious blackest blue with a shimmer."  As all of her polishes, it is 3 free.  These were two of the easiest and smoothest coats of polish I have ever put on.  They dried super glossy and flawlessly!  I have to say that I am a believer in Essie now.  It is well worth the $8 price tag if they all go on my nails like this!  I believe, Essie!  I believe!

Can you see the purple at the corner of the bottle?
 The bottle has a glimmer of purple in it that never shows up on the nail, and that is really the only down side to Dive Bar; otherwise, the coloring is fantastic! Essie calls it a shimmery blackest blue, but it is the sickest blue you have ever seen!  And really this blue sometimes looks green or teal!
 Here you can see the greenish blue particles.

 While I am on an Essie love-fest, let me say how much I love the name!  It really is a Dive Bar in that it is dark and maybe nothing super-special from afar, but get close and you see a beauty that only those in-the-know can appreciate!  Like a dive bar, this is the best kept secret around!
I must say, I didn't want to take Dive Bar off, but I really needed to swatch some polishes, since my untrieds are stacking up on me!  This nail polish lasted for three days of work before I took it off.  There was barely any tip wear on my ring finger at the end of the third day of opening up cardboard and handling galvanized pipe and a lot of keyboarding.  I say Kudos to Essie!
Tip Wear on ring finger only after 3 days!
                      The last picture is from far away, because that is how everyone else views your nail polishes. I got the idea off of another nail blog (which I can't seem to find!) when a blog reader asked to see the nail polish from a distance.   So what do you think about Essie? Do you have a favorite polish of hers?


Sylvia Lazo said...

Whoaa!!! That 1st poto is stunning! I LOVE the looks purple to me! In the 2nd shot the blue green shows p pretty well....Sounds like and looks like Essie is a good one....I'm still stunned by the gorgeous color of the purple!
Have you tried any on Emily yet?

illustratedlady said...

I am sure that Emily would let me if I tried. LOL Wait until you see the other Essie polish I have that IS a purple!