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Wednesday, November 9, 2011

My Nails Are...Dripping?

I got this fantastic idea from Rebecca Likes Nails!   She just posted it on Saturday, and I thought, "Wow!  I might be able to pull that off!"
She calls it a "dripping" manicure and it is really easy to do.  See the above link to do it for yourself!
 I managed to use two of my untried nail polishes-Zoya Penny and OPI Warm & Fozzi from the Muppets Collection.  I did my ring fingers in the opposing colors just to give it more flash I guess-or because I get bored easily!
 Nevermind the Mustached man on my pinkie, I had forgotten hat I hadn't taken pictures of this manicure yet, and I was practicing for the Mustache Monday Blog that I had decided to participate in for prostate cancer.  (I suppose drawing mustaches are better than drawing testicles. ;o) )
In a way, this manicure also celebrates the Thanksgiving season as it is glittery and brown. Hope you enjoy!

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