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Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Nars Pockerface w/OPI Divine Swine turned into owls!

I bought a clearance Nars polish online for $5 called Pokerface. I loved the name, and I love purple polishes too, so I knew I couldn't go wrong!  In retrospect, it is a  little too girlie for me, but I still liked it for a day!                                                             
 Here is two coats (I should have done three, because there was Visible Nail Line in the sunlight that I hadn't noticed in my office while doing them.)  I put a coat of OPI Dvine Swine-from the Muppet Collection-on my ring and thumb fingers.
 Pokerface is my first and only bottle of Nars polish, and I found it to be easy to put on-if somewhat thin. It flooded my cuticles on some nails. I love the bottle too!
 You may notice that my nails are all much shorter than last time. One of the guys from work was gone all week, and I was doing his job most of the week in the warehouse.  I broke four nails in one week, and finally cut them all the same length.   That is the same reason why my cuticles are wrecked. :o(
 I got tired of the plain lavender and decided to do the owls that I have seen posted on Chalkboard Nails.  These have been in my head for awhile now!  You have to go see her website! She is super talented-both with nail art and with a camera.
 I still want to do the owls in different colors, but this time I was too lazy too change all of my base colors.  I still had a hard time with the most basic of stuff!  For example, I can not draw a triangle with those stupid brushes that come in the nail art polishes!  That is why my beaks came out as lines.  I also top coated too soon on a couple of them. You can see where their eyes are smudged.
I think they are so cute though!  Don't you want to take one home with you?
"Whoooo  me?" says the owl...

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Sarah said...

So cute! I think you did a fantastic job!