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Sunday, November 20, 2011

Polka Dots!

I love me some polka dots!  And this blog post by Polish Art Addiction totally inspired me!  She is really great at polka dots and  has many on her blog!  

I started with a base coat of Zoya Dove. Okay, three coats of Zoya Dove, because it is so see through!

I then used different sizes of dotting tools to make dots using Essie Mesmerized and Sally Hansen Xtreme Wear Black.  I just placed them randomly per Polish Art Addiction's instructions.  It is so simple now that I have finally gotten a handle on the dotting tools!
Yes, I am so backwards that I couldn't even get the hang of dotting tools. It took me several tries to get the hang of it! LOL

So, there you have it! I love them soo much and they are so simple!  There are so many different ideas you can do with dots and so many different color combos too! (How many times can I say, "So" in this paragraph?!"  Thanks for reading!

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