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Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Santa Cruz Sea Glass & Ocean Art Festival

I went to the Santa Cruz Sea Glass & Ocean Art Festival on Sunday, and of course, everything is WAY overpriced.  $600 for a bracelet... $250 for red beach glass earrings the size of a grain of sand....
I knew this already as I had been to last year's event.  So, I was in no way prepared when I stumbled across the booth of Two Sisters Artistry,  a sister duo that have teamed up to create beautiful and affordable beach glass jewelry and mobiles.
I was able to buy two very stunning mobiles-hand-crafted out of driftwood, large and small pieces of beach glass, and beach-tumbled pottery.  Here is the first one:
We named it "The Bottle-Top Mobile" because there are six bottle tops on here!
 She is a beauty!  Five different lengths of beached items are hanging on this dark piece of driftwood.  Below are eight pictures that show more detail on this amazing mobile.  Note on the picture above at the far left bottom: a broken off handle from a piece of pottery!  I knew when I saw that and the "Best Foods Reg" bottle bottom that my husband would LOVE this piece! These are just the types of things he brings home from the beach!
How cool and rare is this?
When I chose this mobile, one of the sisters told me that she almost didn't bring it, because she wasn't sure she wanted to part with it.  I got scared for a a split second because I totally connected with this mobile on sight!  It is truly everything that my husband and I look for and love when we go beach glass hunting-the pottery, the shells, the beach glass; but also the funky, strange items-handles, bottle bottoms, even driftwood.  I always laughed at my husband for all the stuff he would bring back, but now I eat my words!  This piece just screams my husband's name!
Unbroken seashells and a broken pottery handle

brown bottle tops and some tiny seashells

Bottom of a glass bottle

Nice wire work that ties everything together!

My husband and I both love the top piece which looks like a broken pottery handle off of something.

Brown bottle top and tiny shells

This looks like a pottery drawer handle! SO COOL!

Emily decides to get in the picture.
My other mobile is actually the first one I saw. This one is a piece of driftwood with four lengths of  beach glass, pottery and rock strung together. It is a little simpler than the other one, but I love the use of green in this one!
 There is a triangular piece of light green pottery at the bottom of one piece...You can see how the sand and the waves took off the coloring on the pottery.
 Another very nice piece of green pottery!  This one has been tumbled naturally by the ocean waves!
 Not the best picture, but this rock is beautiful!

I might take off the yellow glass. I would rather have all natural items on here.
 I love the way they put the pieces of beach glass together in clumps!
 I also bought a pair of earrings!  It is three pieces of beach glass: green, white and brown stacked on top of each other!  I only paid $20 for these beauties. :o)

Two Sisters Artistry  is in the process of getting their website revamped, but they do still have jewelry for sale on there! Go check it out! They are very down-to-earth and friendly!

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jelly andrews said...

Wow! These are really beautiful. But I am really into the earrings. It is so cute and would surely complete an outfit.