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Thursday, November 24, 2011

Thanksgiving Water Marble Fail?

I have been lagging a little bit on my blog.  I knew it would eventually be too much to post every day, but I had secretly hoped I could keep up with it. Guess not. :o)  I will just try to post often and some days I may skip.  Anyways, I hadn't done a water marble in a while, so here is a Thanksgiving one for you!                                                                                          
 You could even consider it a '70's water marble. LOL.  I had originally wanted to do a Charlie Brown Thanksgiving nail art; but it failed miserably!  So here is my back up-water marble!  And since I have somehow defeated the odds, and am capable of doing water marble, I shall not complain about my lack of nail art skills!
 First of all, I question this as a fail simply because the pictures aren't very good IMO.  I still think my outside pictures look better! (You will see those tomorrow.) I still liked this water marble though.
 So, I used Zoya Penny, Sonia Kashuk Chocoholic, OPI DS Glamour, and Pure Ice Champagne.
 Enough talk!  Just look.... :o)  And eat a lot of turkey!