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Saturday, November 5, 2011

Zoya Zavita with OPI Significant Other Color AND a Matte vs Gloss Top Coat

Warning: Very Picture Heavy!  
So, I have have been itching to try my new polishes and since I just refuse to change my polish every day, I decided to put a few new ones in one manicure!  
Up first is the matte Zoya Zavita!  When I think Prince and Purple Rain, I think of Zavita! It is a true royal purple. It goes on evenly in two coats and dries quickly, which is what I have found with the other matte polishes I have used. (Okay, I have only used ManGlaze and Zoya matte's, but they all dry so quickly!)  Here she is and she is a beauty!
 I got this Zoya in my first ever Zoya purchase!  Zoya polishes are all 3-free (toluene, formaldehyde, DBP (phthalates.)) and boast of having the longest wearing nail polish. I can't seem to find it in any salons or stores around the area, so it is a real treat when I am able to buy it online!  Here is Zavita without a top coat.
 I decided to dress up a nail with another new buy-OPI Significant Other Color. It is a beautiful duochrome. It shows mostly pink, but when the light hits it, it will turn green and sometimes purple. When I saw the bottle, I knew it had potential for greatness, and I was right! My inspiration for this nail art is found on this blog by Nailside, where she does a fantastic black tape manicure! It has been in my head for months actually. :o)
I taped off my pinkie and polished over with my new OPI.

 I then decided to test my two top coats-Seche Vite-which seems to be the HOly Grail of top coats-and the new matte top coat I had purchased-CND Matte.
Here is my right hand with a top coat of SV.

 Her is my right hand again with SV. The tiny purple sparkles really come out in Zavita when you add a top coat!  I didn't really capture it in this photo, but trust me!  It is there!
 Here is my left hand with a coat of the Matte CND.  As you can see, it is not glossy like the SV hand, but it is no longer the true matte that it was before this coat. :o(  If you fellow nail bloggers out there have a great matte top coat that you love, please share with me what it is!  By the way, in this photo you can kind of see the purple on my pinkie!  It was really hard to capture the other colors on my camera.

 Here is another look at my left hand with the matte top coat.
 The next day, I went nuts and decided to add more fun to my nails! I frenched two nails and taped two, then I top coated with SV.

 Here she is in all her glory!

 While I was at work, I somewhat got a picture of the greenish hue that is present in OPI's Significant Other Color.  Here they are!   I am curious as to what  Significant Other Color will look like on top of other colors or by itself, since this is my first time using it!
 Do you see the green in my thumb?
 And finally more green and pink!  Such a  stunner!   I hope you enjoyed this! I am loving posting and loving all of my new polishes!

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