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Friday, December 23, 2011

Lacquistry's New Polish: GOLF SOCKS!

"We interrupt this regularly scheduled Christmas nail program to introduce you to a new release by Jenna at Lacquistry!"
This insanely beautiful polish is called, Golf Socks.

I received this gorgeous bottle of polish in the mail two days ago, and I about squealed with delight! Seriously!  It was wrapped beautifully with tissue and a little Christmas bell with a note and a card from Jenna.

I immediately took off my brand new manicure and swatched some base coats with Golf Socks over it to see
 which one I wanted to wear.  Essie's Mesmerized won, and I put one coat of it on before putting Golf Socks over it.
Now let me tell you about the ridiculousness that is Golf Socks.  There are microglitter particles of burnt orange; small hexagons of burnt orange; and large hexagonal pieces in royal blue, silver,  burnt orange, and aqua. They are all suspended in a dark-almost navy-jelly.

 Getting the larger glitters to stay put was tough, but Jenna has special instructions for putting her glitter on which you can find on her Facebook wall.  Here is what she says:
Tips on applying "chunky" glitter polishes (such as mine!):
-As with any nail polish application, make sure that the nail is free of lotions and oils. Swipe with either polish remover or rubbing alcohol to remove any lubricants before your base coat...
- Apply your preferred base coat, and if you like a coat or 2 of color.
- If you are not using a base color, apply one coat of (my!) glitter polish, not worrying about getting the larger glitter pieces onto the nail just yet. Let dry for 30 seconds or so.
- When you apply your second coat, load the brush with a large bead of polish on one side. SEE NEXT STEP! AYE AYE!!
- Interestingly enough, if you WIPE all the polish off BOTH SIDES of the brush and then dunk it in QUICKLY, you will get more of the larger glitter pieces on the brush. Wipe one side. Working with the side with the polish bead...
- Instead of swiping base to tip as you normally would- PRESS the brush FLAT onto the nail horizontally, pressing the larger glitter INTO the first coat. -
- I repeat- the larger glitters will now catch over the first coat (seriously!).
- Let second coat set for 30 seconds or so- my polishes set pretty quickly.
- After PRESSING last coat of glitter polish onto nail, reload polish brush as you normally would (dipping and swiping one side)- swipe a final smoothing coat over nail.
-Finish with a nice thick clear polish such as GELOUS ADVANCED NAIL GEL COAT- which can be found at any SALLY'S BEAUTY SUPPLY (loves to my FAVE manager ALISSA BAIN!!) to provide a smoothing agent for the glitter.
- Finish with one of a quick-dry top coat, such as Seche Vite, Poshe, Out The Door, or In A Minute (all sold at Sally's).

 This might seem like a lot of work, but honestly, I would put the glitters on with tweezers if I had too-it is so ridiculously out of this world!  I hadn't read the above directions yet, so I put one coat of the polish, and then I manipulated the larger pieces on with my brush when needed. (HEY! Looking at my nails just now, I realized there are tiny microglitters of blue too! You can see it in this close-up!) I have only been obsessed with polish for a few months now, but this is honestly my favorite one so far!  THANK YOU Jenna for making nail polishes!  Without you, these stunners wouldn't exist. :o(
 I am beside myself now to go buy more from her Etsy shop.  I need to get Peppermint Swirl, Lake Placid on Acid, Go Ask Alice, Celery Stew, (Are you loving these names?!) and Winter #1.
PLEASE go support this one woman shop!  She is amazing, personable, and her polishes will make you stop buying drug store brands. (Sorry, but it's true. Hahaha!)  I feel like a polish snob now. :o) It feels good.

Enough talk!  Just drool all over you computer screens looking at the rest of my purdy pictures!


Colorsplashnails said...

OMG!!! This polish looks sooo gorgeous!!

illustratedlady said...

HAHA! I KNOW! I am in love and Drooling!

Jenn said...

From the photos, the jelly polishes looks so thick and, almost with a jelly-texture finish. :( Is it really that way? Or is it smooth?
I bet scott liked that one.

illustratedlady said...

Scott loved this one! The jelly is not super thick, but it is thicker than say, Zoya-which happens to be on the much thinner side of polishes. I can see what you are saying about the jelly-textured finish-it is thicker, but only because I out 1 coat of base, 1 coat of Essie Mesmerizes, TWO coats of Golf Socks, and then a top coat as well! I think it helps strengthen my nails though for daily use, and it levels out so that you can't really tell.

Sarah said...

oh my GORGEOUS!!! i love it! now i want to get this one, too! damn you empty wallet!

Bárbara ^^, said...

Gorgeous polish! =D Love it!
*new follower* =D

illustratedlady said...

Thanks Sarah! Love your blog! Hi Barbara! Thank you for following me!