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Friday, December 9, 2011

More Beach Glass and Stone Jewelry! If you want to buy any let me know!

white beach glass and seashell bracelet-$40
 I have been busy at work making jewelry out of my beach findings and here is what I have to offer!  All pieces are for sale and prices are listed in the caption below the picture.
If you are interested and need it shipped, I can give you that information later. :o)
First up, is a white beach glass and seashell bracelet. I drilled 2.5mm holes on either side of each piece and linked them together with sterling silver 10mm rings.
White beach glass is the most common color found on beaches (along with brown and kelly green).
Kelly green earrings-$20

This next piece is a pair of earrings I made out of kelly green beach glass.  My husband and I scoured (and still scour!) the beaches near our house (our secret spot!) to find all of the pieces you see here-unless otherwise noted.
I drilled each piece and stacked them on top of each other. I think it really shows off the color that way!
Close up of the bottom of the earrings.
Stacked brown sea glass earrings-$20
 Here is the brown version of the stacked earring! As you may have guessed, brown sea glass is very popular because most of them were beer bottles at one point!  One person's trash is now another person's earrings. :o)

 The next piece is my favorite-by far!  I am not even sure if I want to sell it. :)  I call it "God's Promise."  If you read your Bible at all, then you know that God gave the rainbow as a sign that He would never flood the world again. This necklace has stones that I found in red, orange, yellow, green, blue, and purple.  Since some of these colors are so very hard to find, that is the reason for the higher price tag.
God's Promise Rainbow Necklace-$75
In case you were wondering about pricing, I base it on several things: rarity of the glass/stone, size of the glass/stone, amount of glass/stone used, time taken to make the piece and cost of the jewelry accessories.  I really wanted to make it affordable to people like me who couldn't afford the beach glass jewelry that I had seen selling for HUNDREDS of dollars.
Close-up of God's Promise necklace
 Here is a simpler version of the necklace with three stones. The stones are a little washed out in this picture. Red, speckled grey and green stones, drilled and hung on a chain! My mother-in-law loved this one!
Three Stone Necklace-$35

 Here is a heart stone necklace! We found this one on our ten year anniversary in Big Sur. It was sitting on the sand at the beach and I had taken a picture of it there!  I need to find that picture...It is simply wrapped on a black chord.
Heart Stone necklace-$35

 My husband told me to make some drop earrings, and so the next two earrings are my idea of a drop earring.  These next ones are olive green beach glass-a more uncommon glass to find. AND imagine finding two pieces of glass that look somewhat the same to hang as earrings! They are simple yet elegant.
Olive green drop earrings-$30
And here, you can see what they look like without the sun shining through them. What a difference!

 My next drop earrings are white sea glass.  I broke several pieces of glass trying to drill these, but I finally got it!  Here they are with the sun shining through them...

White Sea glass Drop earrings $25
And here they are on my deck... I really like these too!  Thank you to my husband for his idea of drop earrings!
 That's it for now!  I have a stone bracelet in the works and a beach glass necklace too! Oh!  My mother-in-law gave me a few pieces of a green-yellows I have never seen before, so stay tuned for earring in that color!  Thanks for checking me out!

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