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Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Nerd Lacquer from Etsy!

 I have been looking really closely at women who make their own nail polish creations, and one of the women I was finally able to buy from was Nerd Lacquer!  She is a self-professed sci-fi fanatic and you can see that in some of her polish names.  They are very different from what most nail polish companies make, and they all have some form of glitter in them.  I bought two colors: Holoday Sugar Plum and Antisocial Media. I was thrilled and surprised to see a bonus sample bottle of Holoday Icicle. I will review Antisocial Media in a separate post.
I had to chop off all of my nails! Sad, Sad day...Three of my nails tore vertically.
 First up, is my sample bottle of Holoday Icicle. It is a very light blue jelly with microholographicglitters (Did I just make up a new word?!) of silver, blue and pink.  I am showing you one coat on the pinkie nail, two coats on the ring finger, and three coats on the middle finger. On my index finger, I put a base coat of OPI A Grape Fit, and then put a coat of Holoday Icicle.
 I am so happy that I got this as a bonus!  Blue is my second favorite color of nail polish and I LOVE glitters!  This will look great over so many polishes! Thank you Amanda!
 Next is Holoday Sugar Plum. It is a light pink jelly base with the same holographic, microglitter in silver, pink and blue.  I put a base coat of OPI A Grape Fit, and then a coat of Holoday Sugar Plum.
 You can see the holographic goodness in this bottle shot!  It is truly well made!
Sad short nails. :o(  Really bad cuticles.  I am so glad you are all sticking with me anyway!

 PLEASE, please forgive the really awful cuticles!  I have been using way too much acetone, and need to baby my hands for awhile. :o)  Please go check out Nerd Lacquer on Etsy!   Her name is Amanda Collier, and her stuff is really creative! My favorite polish from her will be my next post!

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