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Friday, December 30, 2011

Nerd Lacquer's Antisocial Media=Gorgeous Blue and Gold Glitter!

If you read my last post about Nerd Lacquer, then you know that I saved my favorite polish for last!
If you didn't read my post, SHAME ON YOU!  :o)  But I will bring you up to speed!  Amanda Collier IS Nerd Lacquer and she makes some great glittery, sci-fi-named nail polishes on Etsy.
THIS is Antisocial Media. It is truly stunning!  It is a deep teal (?) blue jelly with microglitters of silver, blue, and gold.  (There may be more colors that I haven't seen yet!)  As a bonus-and what I am falling in love with in polishes- is the larger round glitters in bright blue, gold and copper!  I love having a polish that has its opposite color on the color wheel inside of it!  
 I have here one coat on my pinkie, two coats on my ring finger, and three coats on my middle and index.  My thumb has a base coat of OPI Suzi Says Feng Shui-which is the perfect match base coat for this polish!
 The polish went on well, but I suppose my one issue would be that I had a hard time getting the larger glitters on my nail.  I had to manipulate it a lot and I still didn't get as much as I wanted on there.
 I loved the layering of OPI Suzi Says Feng Shui and Antisocial Media so much that it became my full manicure!  I love this polish! Please visit Amanda's Etsy shop and buy yourself some polish! They run $8 each plus shipping. She may be sold out right now, but keep checking back!

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