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Saturday, December 31, 2011

Polishes That Have Etched Themselves Into My Brain in 2011!

Since I have only begun collecting nail polish since August, I am not going to choose polishes that were MADE in 2011; rather I am going to choose those polishes that have made their mark on my life-whether for the good or the bad!

Most people want the bad news first, so here are my two least favorites!  These were so bad, they actually upset me when I tried to use them , and I MUST call them out.

Are you ready?!

At #2 is CND Matte Top Coat.  It does NOT look matte at all. It is more of a satin finish. For the amount of money, you would think that they would get it right. Fortunately, I found Hard Candy Matte Top Coat, and it is great!

At #1, is Barielle's Falling Star.
This was an extreme disappointment to me because I finally purchased a brand I had heard so much about, and I couldn't even put it on my nails because of how thick it was!  I poured some thinner in the polish, and was barely able to get it on my nail, but it never leveled out-as you can see in the photo.

Anyways!!!!! On to the polishes that have etched their way in to my brain-in a good way!

At #7, is... ANYTHING ZOYA! (I know, that's cheating!) I found out about Zoya because of amazing bloggers. I have not had one yet that didn't apply like a dream in two coats, and wasn't made just fantastically!  I love the names of the polishes, I love the colors, I love their fantastic deals, and I love it all!!!  I am so sorry Barielle.  Zoya is everything that Falling Star is not.
Zoya Robyn

At #6 is Essie Dive Bar.  I LOVE Essie Dive Bar! It applied like a dream and-as dark as it is-it didn't stain. I wore this manicure until it wore out!  From blue to green to blackish. Oh Yum!

Essie Dive Bar

At #5 is Nina Ultra-Pro's Purple X-ing!  This polish stunned the socks off me!  I had NEVER seen a glitter like this at the time! It stopped me in my tracks and when I put it on, it sparked a deep love in me for glitter polishes!
Nina Ultra-Pro Purple X-ing

#4 is one that has been blogged to death.  Revlon's Facets of Fuschia is one that I saw on other blogs, and went on the hunt for at every drug store in my area!  When I put it on, I fell deeply in love with it (along with Blue Mosaic.)  It would not hurt my feelings any if Revlon continues to make these types of polishes!
Revlon's Facets of Fuschia

Are you getting excited yet? We have just reached my top three!  
The #3 polish to have etched itself deeply in to my brain is Cult Nails polish formerly known as Unicorn Puke!  If you know anything about polish, then you know that this is a highly sought after polish with stunning flakies in a lavender jelly polish. I HAD to have it and it did NOT disappoint!
Cult Nails 
We're getting closer!!!!  At #2 is ANOTHER Cult Nails polish!  I bought Time Traveler just to have a navy creme. I didn't particularly want it, but I needed a navy for nail art and 4th of July! Silly, huh?  When I put this on my nails, I flipped. It is the most intense navy and it looks a mile deep! I immediately understood people's affinity for the navy blue polish-and now I am a believer!  I LOVE YOU, Time Traveler!
Cult Nail's Time Traveler



Yes, I know I just posted about it. BUT I LOVE IT MORE THAN SHOES! This has spoiled me for regular nail polishes and dare I say...regular glitter polishes? All others pale in comparison.
THIS is sexy, deliciousness in a bottle:
Lacquistry Golf Socks
 YOU MUST BUY THIS! And I must buy the rest of her polishes in order to be satisfied with life as I know it.
Lacquistry Golf Socks
I hope you enjoyed my post today. I believe that 2012 holds for me some amazing new polishes from the likes of Zoya, Essie, Cult Nails, Lacquistry, Lynnderella (crosses fingers), and Ozotic, to name just a few!
What's on your new year's list?

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