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Monday, October 31, 2011

Will the REAL Halloween Nail Please Stand Up?

    I was originally going to change a few nails because I didn't like some of my original Halloween nails, but I ended up changing them ALL!
    Lest you think I came up with these all on my own, I left a link for each one that I borrowed from another nail blog.
So how cute are these?!
     I have a vampire on my pinkies, a girl skull with a bow on my ring fingers, a sparkly spider web on my middle fingers, glow-in-the-dark eyeballs on my index fingers, and a cute frankenstein on my thumbs!
  There is no way I am going to take pics of each polish I used with each design, so here they all are at once!
   OPI Green-wich Village, Wet N Wild Metallica, ManGlaze Butt Taco, Wet N Wild French White Cream, Sally Hanses Xtreme Wear Pumpkin Spice and Black Out, Sally Girl Glow-in-the-Dark, and three nail art colors: red glitter, black and white....
Oh-and two dotting tools!
  On my thumbs I did this cute Frankenstein!  If you want to learn how to do it go to this video to do the Frankensteins.

How cute is he?!  He is my favorite nail!
I put two coats of the only green I owned. With a black nail art brush, I drew the hair, the mouth and the eyebrows. With a dotting tool, I did the eyes.
 On my index fingers are funny googly eyes with a smirk.  There are two coats of black and then I used the dotting tool for the eyes. I put some glow-in-the-dark on top of the white eyes. I put two more black dots on top of that, then red lines on the white.  Then, I added the smirk.

    I borrowed ideas from several different nail blogs to do this spiderweb design. It is two coats of an orange, simple black lines with a nail art brush, then I coated over with Sally Hansen Pumpkin Spice to give it the glittery effect.
Here are the two blog posts that helped me: Chalkboard nails spider webs and Adventures in Acetone sparkly webs.

On my ring finger is a cute sugar skull with a bow on her head!  I watched a few Youtube tutorials on skulls and incorporated ideas from each of them.  Here is the one that helped me most: skull video.

This little vampire is really not very threatening. Actually, he looks a little frightened!  I used two coats of a silver, then followed this video for the vampire.
Googly eyed guy
This guy is a little different than the other one because I gave him a little squiggle smile.

     So there you have it!  My REAL Halloween nails that I am wearing today!  This was so much fun!  I can see why people do nail art. I just can't take the few hours out of my day to do it all the time!
   Let me know how you liked it1 I appreciate the comments-it makes me feel like I am actually writing to people!

Sunday, October 30, 2011

Halloween Nails!

Sally Hansen Xtreme Wear Pumpkin Spice
 I wasn't planning on doing Halloween nails, simply because I don't really celebrate Halloween; but I bought this cool black jelly polish with orange glitter, and I wanted to use it!  Plus, I saw a really sweet design for Halloween that I loved! I decided to put three designs on my nails, because-why not?
On two nails, I put a base coat of Sally Hansen Xtreme Wear Black. It is cheap and goes on so great!  I then put on two coats of the Pumpkin Spice jelly polish that I had just bought at a Rite Aid.

ManGlaze "Butt Taco"
 On my other two nails, I put two coats of ManGlaze Butt-Taco then covered it in a coat of OPI's Black Shatter.  Since Butt Taco is a matte polish, I thought it would be perfect to use my brand new-you don't even know I bought it yet- Matte TopCoat by CND.  You can see in the pictures that it was a major fail.  More on that later...
Man Glaze Butt Taco, LA Colors Yellow, and WNW White
 For the finale on my thumbs, and in honor of my visit to see my sister and my niece, I made candy corns! I saw it on a nail blog and I can't find it to link! Sorry. :o(  I used manGlaze Butt Taco, LA Colors Yellow, and Wet N Wild White.  I used two coats of each and top coated with Seche Vite.

Here it is!   Does anyone notice the major thing I did wrong?
I didn't even notice until I was writing this!  Comment and let me know if you see it!

One last look at all my nails...  So remember I said that I used a matte top coat by CND on my shattered nails?  This is what it looks like:

Do you see ANY matte effect at all???  The below picture I put Seche Vite on the shatter nails, and they look virtually the same!  I am deeply disappointed with the CND matte top coat.
One other fail I did with these nails, is that I put a glow-in-the-dark coat of Sally Girl on all of my nails.

Here is the polish glowing in the dark.  Unfortunately, my nails are completely dark!  My nails are actually in the picture too, but just did not show up!  :o(

All in all, these are the polishes I used!  I love how they turned out despite the bumps in the road!

Pink Hat, Blue Hat and Scarf

Last year, my niece had asked for a scarf and hat in pink!  Since I was in full crochet mode at the time, I gladly obliged.  I made the pink hat and scarf with Red Heart Shimmer in Hot Pink.  On the hat I added 4 rows of pink pompadoodles.
On the airplane ride there, I crocheted this black and blue hat for myself, but it came out way too small for me!   Instead, I gave it to my niece.

Saturday, October 29, 2011

An old passion-That lasted a month: Jewelry Making

In my "About Me" section I talked about the purpose of my blog: which was to share with the world my many passions-however fleeting!
It might look like a nail blog right now (it does to me too!), but I know myself well enough, to know that in 6 months, I might never blog about nails again!
While I love doing my nails, I just don't foresee doing my nails daily just so I can blog about it!  So, in those off moments, I will share past and somewhat current passions...
THIS passion, jewelry making, lasted all of a month?  I made a few pieces of jewelry by myself and with my mother-in-law, then got bored-real quick!

It is just too tedious and boring for me. :o)
But I did make a few pieces, and my favorite is the very last picture!

I love these jade heart earrings!  I still have them!
Anyone want a box full of beads and stuff though? I don't plan on using them...

Friday, October 28, 2011

Zoya Robyn with Konad Stamp

Zoya Robyn

As much as I loved Zoya Ki, I couldn't wait to try on another Zoya polish!  I have been eyeing this color of blue for a few weeks now.  A lot of brands make a variation of this color, but  Zoya perfected it!   When I had the chance to get Zoya's B2G2, I KNEW I wanted this beautiful blue!
Here is a swatch of two coats of Robyn topped with a coat of SV.  It is a traffic stopper in my opinion! Funny thing-a few months ago when I was getting really into nail polish, I had NO blues!  I only had reds and pinks. I started buying blues to use in water marbling, but I didn't really like blue on my nail alone.
THAT has changed thanks to this polish! I now own more blue nail polishes than any other color!

Konad Plate M60
I decided to cross my fingers and hope that I could get my Konad to work with me this time. I figured the best bet was to use a more abstract pattern rather than the geometric ones. That way if I made mistake (which I did) it wouldn't be as noticeable. I also thought Robyn would look really great with a silver pattern on top of it!
I used Konad M60, and the paisley pattern on the top left.

Zoya Robyn and Konad Paisleys in silver!
Here is the finished product!  I am really quite happy with it!  I was going to do a French tip on all of my nails, but changed my mind and only did my ring fingers as an accent.
There is a base coat, 2 coats of Robyn, Konad's silver polish, and a top coat of SV. I also wrapped my tips to see if the SV would shrink on me this time. Happy to say that after three days, it has NOT!
Zoya on black background
Have you noticed that my pictures are not shot in my back yard?.
I built myself a cheap $2 light box (link is at bottom of post) and I have been happily experimenting with light and different hand positions and a white vs. black background.
I have decided to go with a black background. I like how it looks!
What I am not sure about is hand position...
 I have put two hand positions in here, and I would love it if you could comment and tell me your favorite hand position.   I have decided to keep the hand position where I am holding the bottle of polish, but I want to add one of these as well...

Hand Position #1

Hand Position #2
Which one do you like?

Thursday, October 27, 2011

Zoya Ki: So Eye-Catching, Even My Husband Noticed!

 Thanks to Zoya's BOGO a few weeks ago (and really it should read B2G2), I was able to purchase my FIRST Zoya polishes!  If you wonder why I am so excited about it, go to their website!  They have over 300 vegan-friendly, long-wearing polishes in super stunning, oftentimes one-of-a-kind colors.
Ki is the first one I put on. It also happens to be my very first holographic polish!  (holographic polish IMO means it changes color as it moves in the light.)
Ki is a dark, metallic purple that turns to a green/black.  In these first pictures you can see the purple.
I put two and sometimes three coats of Ki on my nails. It went on very thin, but extremely smooth.
In the bottle to the left, you can somewhat see the green and purple cast.
The purple in the polish

 I have been messing with nail art and investing hours looking at other people's nail art on blogs. It is so beautiful when people do it, but sometimes just painting my nails one color is so refreshing, simple, and beautiful.
I have tried to capture the holographic nature of the polish in the following pics.
Green and purple

Do you see the green in these pictures? It is so sweet!  I didn't even have it on long and my husband grabbed my hand and said, "Wow! Is that changing colors?!"
All green!
You may have noticed some tip wear in my photos. I am saddened to say that it had to have been because of my Seche Vite Top Coat.   I had just put this manicure on the night before and had done nothing afterwards except sleep.
I have read on some blogs that if you put Seche Vite on too thick, it would somehow shrink the nail polish.  I have been using my SV for a couple of months now and this is the first time this has happened. :o(  I LOVE SV though! My nails dry to the (light) touch in a manner of seconds!!! I have NEVER had that happen with ANY top coat I used.  One solution I have heard is to wrap the tips so it shrinks underneath. I just put a 3rd coat of Ki, so I may try the tip wrapping and let you know how it works!

Tip wear from Seche Vite. :o(

Here is one last picture of Ki. You can see the two colors here a lot better! You may have noticed that it is on a white background. I found a tutorial link on one of the nail blogs I follow-Chalkboard Nails (the link is at the bottom of the post), for a $2 light box. I thought I would build it, so that I could take my nail pictures at night-which is when I do my nails in the first place!
Anyways, the only downer is that I still need LIGHT sources to do it. :o)  I tried using a lamp-that's how this one was taken-but it still didn't turn out how I expected. I don't want the shadows to be seen. But I am going to experiment and see what I can come up with!
Anyways, I know I am all over the place with this post, but that's ok, because it's mine! Hope you enjoyed...

Wednesday, October 26, 2011

My Very First Zoya haul and a few others too!

L-R:matte Zavita, Robyn, Penny, Ki
A couple of weeks ago there was a really great deal for some Zoya nail polishes!  I think it was a buy two, get two deal. Anyways, I totally went for it and bought my very first Zoya nail polishes!
If you haven't heard of Zoya, here is a blurb from their website:
Zoya Nail Polish has been awarded as the longest wearing natural nail polish by an independent panel in Women’s Health Magazine. Zoya Nail Polish is a nail polish free of toluene, formaldehyde, DBP (phthalates) and camphor. Nail Polish by Zoya offers over 300 gorgeous nail polish colors to choose from, plus 4 seasonalcollections of nail polish every year. Zoya Nail Polish was specifically formulated to deliver the longest wear possible on natural nails. Zoya Nail Polish can be found in better beauty salons, spas and online at
I had never heard of Zoya before my polish fanaticism happened.  I had SUCH a hard time choosing between 300 nail polishes!   When all was said and done, I chose Matte Zavita, Robyn, Penny, and the lovely holographic Ki!  Stay tuned tomorrow for a swatch of the stunner-Ki...

City Color "Blue", Scherer Chameleon "Blue Sky," and SH "Pumpkin Spice."
I hit up Rite-Aid in a nearby town, and found a great selection of polishes, some brands I had never heard of before!
On the left is a brand called City Color, and the name is just "Blue,"  although it looks more purple. It looks somewhat holographic, maybe blue-purple?
In the middle is Scherer Chameleon named "Blue Sky." It looks like a blueish-green holo.
On the right is a Sally Hansen which I have many of, but I had never seen this polish anywhere!  It is called, "Pumpkin Spice," and is probably a Limited Edition item.
These three polishes cost me no more than $2 each! I have so many polishes to try now, I really need to stop buying. LOL. Oh wait-I have about five more polishes on the way though!  I bought a few from Sephora and got a great deal online for more Zoya's, my 1st Essie, and a brand or two I have never bought before....heehee. Oops!

Tuesday, October 25, 2011

My First Nails Inc Polish-A Glittery Pink!

I really wanted to do a light grey with this Nails Inc Chelsea Square, but I didn't want to wait for my Zoya order to get here before I try this polish out!  (Yes, I bought more Zoya!)  So, I used Sonia Kashuk's Chocoholic with it. I also couldn't decide what design to do, so I did a bunch!

Add caption

I  wanted to try out my dotting tools, so I put polka dots on my pinkies. Polka dots are hard to do for someone who is impatient and lazy. :o)  I did a French tip on my ring and index fingers, but put a breast cancer ribbon on my index.  I did stripes on my middle finger; and on my thumb, I put a layer of Chelsea Square over Chocoholic.

Chelsea Square over Chocoholic!

Chocholic with a pink french tip and a Breast cancer ribbon.  Don't mind the chip in my french. It happened almost immediately.

Three coats of Chocoholic with striping in Chelsea Square.

Two layers of Chelsea Square with a Chocoholic French Tip

POlka Dots!

This manicure seemed doomed from the start. Number one, I did my nails in bad light. I went to work with my cuticles covered in polish. :o)  Then I almost immediately messed up two nails.
Lastly, I chipped a nail at work, and chipped another nail after work!   AARGH!
I wore this all of 12 hours. But that's ok!  It gives me more time to do more manicures!
Here is a close-up of the glitter in the bottle. The brush carries a lot of glitter and could probably be opaque in two coats.  It really eats up the  top coat though, so beware!
All in all, this polish is a real winner!  I can't wait to use it again!