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Monday, December 31, 2012

iPhone vs. Sony Using Chanel Malice

For the past two weeks, I have been playing around with my iPhone 5's camera so that I could possibly use it instead of my "real" camera.  Granted, my real camera is awesome. It is a Sony DSC-H10.  It only has two faults-it can't take good macros and it sucks at taking indoor pictures.
I wanted to try using my iPhone more, because I can do everything from my iPhone!  I can watermark, edit, crop and share with ease!  With my Sony, I have to plug my camera into my computer, download, edit and crop, move each individual picture to my watermarking program and move it back again, and then download them into blogger!  I don't mind it, but the ease of use of the iPhone is so very tempting!

I will be doing a few iPhone vs. Sony posts.  Here is the first.

I had already posted about my Chanel Malice manicure HERE, but when I finally downloaded my Malice pictures from my Sony, I was stunned. They made my iPhone pictures look like crap!
The following two pictures are with my Sony...
 The true shimmer of the blackened red really shows through!
 The detail is unforgettable...
And here is the iPhone picture... :o(  At the time, I thought it was passable.
 I say that this round definitely goes to my Sony.

Sunday, December 30, 2012

2012 Favorite Polishes and Polish Colors!

Yesterday, you saw my favorite brands of polish from 2012 and my favorite bloggers from 2012.  Today, I am going to show you my favorite polishes from the past year, and the one color that I seemed to really not be able to say no to.  

Favorite Glitter Top Coat:
Whimsical Ideas by Pam's I Love NY: The hands-down winner for me in this category. I am not a huge fan of glitter top coats, but I LOVE this one!  It combines hearts, matte glitters, and my passion for New York all in one!

 Favorite Duo-Chrome:
I had three in this category and even had to whittle it down. 
3rd place:-Sally Hansen Nail Prism Ruby Sapphire:  I found this gem in my Aunt's shoebox filled with old nail polishes!  I about fell out when I found it. I immediately put it on and it is everything I love about duo chromes-except that it was thin and pooled in my cuticles. (can be found on Amazon)

2nd Place-Girly Bits Shift Happens: Application was flawless and a breeze to put on. I went picture crazy with this one!  (also available at several online distributors)
 1st Place-Hits Mari Moon Collection:  You may wonder why I gave this one first place and not Girly Bits. Let me explain...While these were awful in application and smell horrible, I have not been able to find a duo chrome like these since!  The appearance is smooth and the duo chrome is strong!  There are several in the collection, and I fell head over heels in love with them! Here are a couple of them matted. (also available on several online distributors)
 Favorite Matte:
Dandy Nails Cashmere Night: I own a lot of mattes and I have never seen a matte like this!  Not only was application flawless, but it has a blue/pink shimmer in it a well!  No other mattes even came close to being this amazing!  (also available on Ninja Polish)
 Favorite Micro-Glitter Bomb:
Maya Comsetics Treme and Hootenanny:  I'm not even a huge fan of glitter bombs; but these are stellar, and I would wear these any day of the week.  Maya Cosmetics was one of my favorite new indie brands, and she has such a wide range, you MUST check her out. (Coming soon to Overall Beauty)
Favorite Glitter Jellies:
I have several winners in this category as it is one of my favorite styles of polish.  Oddly, 3 out of 4 are pinks.
4th place-Jindie Nails Water 4 Elephants: Jindie Nails was also in my favorite new indies of 2012.  This polish is what started it all, and I have more on the way to me as we speak! (also available at several online distributors)  

3rd place-Whimsical Ideas by Pam Peanut Butter and Jelly: I don't even know where to begin with this gorgeous polish. It is stupid stunning. The end.
2nd Place-Girly Bits Visions of Sugar Plums:  Her Christmas collection was AMAZING. I just ordered two from that collection that I did not have, or I have a feeling they would be in here too!  Visions of Sugar Plums is a stunning visual treat and will look amazing all year 'round! (also available at several online distributors)
1st Place-Nailventurous Lacquers Evil Barbie:  Nothing in this world is as good as this.  Amy is a creative genius in my mind and while she has stopped selling her creations, I have not forgotten.  This pink jelly shimmer with matte black just screams EVIL BARBIE!
Groundbreaking Polish:
Nailventurous Floam:  Floam was the groundbreaking polish of the year in my opinion. It opened the door for matte glitter polishes everywhere!  The frenzy to get this when it came out was unbelievable!  Thanks to Amy, indie brands everywhere are taking her idea and running with it.  (Ninja Polish now has license to create and sell this polish and more like it.)
 Favorite Multi-Colored Glitter:
Lynnderella The Glittering Crowd:  I have a huge array of multicolored glitters in my stash. My desire is to do a comparison post of them all. Someday. This one is hands down, my favorite. With over a hundred types of glitter and the quality of the glitter, it pops out at you from every angle. (can be bought on Ebay)
Favorite Black and White Glitter:
Nailventurous Lacquers Voodoo Doll:  Hmmm, I must really love Nailventurous polishes considering I have three of them in my favorite polishes of the year!  Voodoo is a great black jelly with white matte glitters!  My favorite of the black and whites I have tried.
Favorite Shimmer:
2nd Place- Maya Cosmetics No Big Deal:  Maya does some outstanding shimmers!  I actually had a hard time choosing just one, but in the end NBD stands out above the crowd!  The blue/black shimmer in this is ridiculous.  The wear time is fabulous!  (coming soon to Overall Beauty)

1st Place-Rescue Beauty Lounge Anne-RBL has the upper hand on creativity in a bottle.  When it comes to shimmery creams, no one else can beat it! 

Favorite Drugstore polish:
Sinful Colors Kissy had me shocked. I had no idea a drugstore polish could do this!  This is well-worth $8-$10.
Favorite Holos: 
Nubar Reclaim is a no-brainer as far as favorite holos of the year. It went on in one coat, it showed its holo properties even in the shade, It looks like velvet!  I will always compare my holos with this one and so far, none can compete.
A England St. George:  I loved the holos from A England at the beginning of the year. But  one holo stood out above the rest!  St. George is a one-coater, and is rich in texture and beauty.

Favorite Color of 2012:
This brings me to my last category-My favorite color of the year!  I found myself buying ever shade in this color family over and over and over. 
Smoky purple!  It became my go-to color and the color I wore when I was tired of glitters. When I was in a bad mood, I put one on and it soothed me.  Yes, nail polish can do all of that. :)  
Sinful Colors Winterberry
Nerd Lacquer Cold and Calculating
Dior Purple Mix
Butter London Marrow

A England Guinevere
Dior Shadow
Well, there you have it!  My favorites from 2012!  Where there any surprises?

Saturday, December 29, 2012


In place of my monthly favorites this month, I am excited to show you some of MY favorites from the past year! I will divide this up into two posts.  This post will feature my favorite brands and bloggers.  The 2nd post will feature my favorite polishes!
At this moment, there are well over 300 indie brands out there and I have sampled 65 of them!  To whittle that down to my top three was no small task. But I did it!  You may also wonder why certain indies aren't mentioned. I have yet to try some of the more popular  brands such as Hare Polish, Elevation Polish, Enchanted Polish, Sonnetarium... Take a look...
3RD PLACE-DANDY NAILS:  Sandy from Dandy Nails is uber-talented. Not only that, but her creativity and her quality control is very high.  I know that when I get a polish from Dandy Nails, that it will be well-made and gorgeous on my nails!  I don't have to worry about having any issues with her polishes and I can rest assured that they will amazing!
2ND PLACE: NAILVENTUROUS POLISH-While Amy is no longer selling her polishes, she came on the polish scene at the beginning of the year and our world will no longer be the same for it!  She invented the very first matte glitter with Floam. It has enabled all other indies to traverse the world of matte glitters. Her jelly sandwhiches always left me breathless, and she loved to push the envelope with her creativity!
1ST PLACE-GIRLY BITS:  In my mind, Girly Bits has set the standard when it comes to quality and good business. I can rest assured that when I buy from her, that I am getting a quality product that is out of this world.  I hold all other indie brands to her standards of quality.  I have loved every last polish she has made and she is well-rounded at making polishes. She can even turn an accidental glitter spill into a polish that everyone wants!
3RD PLACE-NAILD'IT UNIQUE POLISH:  I love Naild'It's thought process for polish. She came up with Summer Lovin' Melon which was a great nod to a watermelon. She made a polish that resembled a dandelion. She also made me an amazing custom camo polish!
2ND PLACE-JINDIE NAILS:  To think that I may never have tried Jindie Nails if she hadn't gotten in touch with me!  I am now a huge fan of Jindie Nails!  Her glitter jellies are classic and fun!  I own SO MANY of her polishes AND they are all keepers!  I even have a few on the way to me now!
1ST PLACE-MAYA POLISH:  Maya Cosmetics is flying a little under the radar, but I have got to tell you that she is one of my overall top two indies of the year along with Girly Bits.  Her quality control is top-notch and she is very well-rounded...From glitter bombs, to holos, to top coats, to glitter jellies, to shimmers... I have a feeling she won't fly under the radar for too much longer!  I say get them while you can...
2ND PLACE-MILANI:  Milani High Speed Fast Dry's were one of my must-have's for doing nail art this year!  I use them all the time. I just wish they had more colors!
1ST PLACE-SINFUL COLORS:  At the beginning of the year, I did not own one Sinful Color.  Now, I own about 20+.  At $2 a shot, they are the bargain of the century!  The creativity in a drugstore brand is unheard of. From Cinderella with it's pink shimmer, to the smoky Winterberry, to the gorgeous Kissy, I would have easily spent $8 on each of these!
3RD PLACE: RESCUE BEAUTY LOUNGE-I went from owning no RBL's to owning 8 of them! While I love the shimmery genius behind them all, I do wish the wear time were better.
2ND PLACE: DIOR-Thanks to some good friends with expensive taste, I now own a few Diors!  Every last one has incredibly long wear time and a fantastic brush that is second to none!  Well worth the price tag!
1ST PLACE: BUTTER LONDON-Butter London is my favorite higher end brand by far. It is cheaper than Dior, but has the outstanding quality and long wear time that Dior does. I love the bottles and they have great color selections to choose from!  Application is like Buttah too!
3RD PLACE-LOODIE LOODIE LOODIE: Each of these blogs is actually second to none for the reasons I chose them.  Loodie is incredible at giving tutorials on nail care. Her dry sense of humor and pointedness are also a large part of why I read her blog!

2ND PLACE-POINTLESS CAFE: Sheila from Pointless Cafe has been the reason I have bought polishes time and time again!  Her swatches are true to life, they are gorgeous, and she is honest.  She is my go-to for swatches!  Here is one I want specifically because of her.
1ST PLACE: CHALKBOARD NAILS- Sarah, it seems, has been voted the favorite blogger by several blogs!  I am no different. Her nail art is astounding, yet simple. She is meticulous and easy to understand. Her photography skills are perfection and I want to be her when I grow up!

Did any of these choices surprise you? Did you see any of them coming?

Thursday, December 27, 2012

Nailventurous Lacquers Hurricane Season

Today, I show you my very last +Amy imfeelingnail-venturous polish.  *sad face*  I held out on this one for so long, because I just didn't want it to end.  But, alas, the day has come and I must show it to you now.
Hurricane Season is a charcoal grey/deep blue polish with blue and silver glitters in it.
I used three coats for opacity and used two coats of top coat as well.  This polish is a good example of why Nailventurous was so incredibly popular when she was making polishes. Her creativity is astounding and I am so sad that she has stopped selling.
Thankfully, I do have several of her creations to enjoy and that is enough for me.

Wednesday, December 26, 2012

RBL Anne

Well, are you all Christmas'ed out yet?  I thought I would share a non-Christmasy polish with you today.  Rescue Beauty Lounge came out with a collection long before I had even heard of RBL.  It was centered around the wives of King Henry VIII.  I happen to be a huge fan of all novels written about the wives of King Henry VIII, so it was a must for me to buy a couple of them.  Today, I am going to show you Anne.
Anne is a deep bronze color with a pink shimmer. I was actually able to capture that shimmer for you!  It only took two coats to make it opaque and I had no real issues to speak of with application.
Pardon the picture spam, but I really couldn't edit.
I am a huge fan of RBL, and I am noticing that people either love or hate it.  Here is my opinion...I can not find these shimmers anywhere else.  Ji has a tremendous talent for putting colors together and bringing out nuances that other polishes just dream of doing.  For that reason alone, I love the polishes.
Unfortunately, there is a downside to the polishes. For $20 apiece, I expect quality in the way of Dior or even Butter London.  RBL's chip and get tip wear way too easily for that $20 price tag. (This one had tip wear by 9am.)  The application is just average. Some polishes don't self level very well, and some are thin and pool in the cuticle.  For $20, I want a brush that is thicker and higher quality.  These brushes are just average.
I will still buy RBL's though, because I love the creativity and genius behind them. I love that she has contests where her fans can possibly have their own dream polishes made.
You can buy yours right now by clicking HERE.  These beauties retail for $20 plus shipping.
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