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Sunday, January 8, 2012

Cult Nails Competition! Vote for me!

The pic I sent in for the nail art competition.
Hey!  So Maria from Cult Nails has decided to have a nail art competition and at least one of her nail polishes has to be used!  I am not the greatest nail artist, but I can do water marbling, so I thought, Why not?!"  The contest started on the 9th, and voting ends at midnight Jan 21.  To vote, just click the "Like" button under my picture!  The winner wins several items, including 3 Cult Nail polishes! Woohoo!
  I like to challenge myself, so I decided to use ONLY Cult Nails' nail polish!  I used Feel Me Up, Time Traveler, and Mind Control.  I first coated my nails with a white base coat so that the colors would show up better.
You would laugh if you knew how many times I did water marble with different colors, before choosing this one. I will post my nail art fails in my next post!  
Time Traveler, Power Thief, Feel Me Up, and Mind COntrol
I know the picture shows Power Thief, but at the last minute I decided not to use it, because it wasn't showing up on my nail.
 I am so excited to be entering a nail art competition!  This is fun!  Oh!  I forgot! One person who "Likes" a picture will also have a chance to win some Cult Nail polishes and her base and top coats!  Not a bad deal!  Go vote now!  My link is at the bottom of the post. :o)

Please go vote for my picture!  i will even make it easy on you by giving you direct access to my picture, by clicking here!  Now just click the "Like" button!  Thank you all and leave a comment!