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Monday, January 23, 2012

Different Glitter top coats over Julep Amy

I ordered a bonus nail polish from Julep with a voucher they gave me!  It is called Amy.  I like to make manicures last a little longer sometimes by giving them new life with another polish or some nail art etc.  I decided to try some glitter top coats over Amy to refresh her!  I happened upon this Revlon Whimsical in my local Target while buying groceries. (What was I doing in the polish aisle if I was buying groceries, you ask? Um, I was um, looking for...milk?)  I noticed this Sparkling all alone in the wrong spot and no others anywhere to be found!   I had to have it! I love glitter top coats!
Revlon Sparkling
So, what I did was I had Sparkling on my ring fingers and thumbs.   You can see substantially more glitter on those fingers. I then added Sephora OPI Flurry Up, a small silver glitter with large round sliver glitter added in!  I used this top coat for a Christmas manicure as well that was really popular!  Check that out here.
Flurry Up
Then I added Sephora OPI Traffic-Copper Stopper Top Coat. It is just like Flurry Up except copper colored!  I used this top coat on another post over khaki green. Check that out here.
Traffic-Stopper Copper
If all that wasn't enough, I decided to add a matte top coat. I got that idea from Nailside, who loves to turn glittery polishes matte, and I love how it looks!  Hard Candy Matte-ly in Love is a great matte top coat.  I had issues trying to find a great one, but no more!  It retails for $5 at Wal-mart.
Here is a close-up of all the glitter!  You can see the different colors here. It is a nice subtlety with the matte top coat and the glitters all being close in color. I hope you like!

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1 comment:

Jenn said...

Boy West is sitting on my lap, grabbing at the computer mouse and slapping the laptop right click key, somehow. It makes commenting on all your 0post0s
difficult. ROFL>.0

but I'll try anyway. Wow, the matte top coat photo is my favorite. And you know how I feel about mattes! I'm not too keen on gold over this color. I guess I'm an "in the box" person, because I think silver alone looks good on icy colors such as this.
What amazes me is that you found the time AND DESIRE to remove that many glitter top coats to redo them five times. LOL. Could you come do mine? And remove it when it's time? hahah

I'm enjoying your posts. So is Jesse.