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Monday, January 30, 2012

A-England Bridal Veil-A Black Holo Beauty

Here Comes the Bride....All dressed   
  According to English legend, St. George came to the rescue of a maiden princess, Sabra,  who was about to be fed to a dragon.  She was decked out in bridal attire when St. George rescued her and later, using his sword, which was named Ascalon, he slew the dragon.  
This is a very watered down version of the story. To read the wikipedia version, click here.
This legend is what inspired Adina, creator of A-England, to create this brand new collection.  The Legends Collection consists of seven polishes:  St. George, Princess Tears, Ascalon, Princess Sabra, Dragon, Order of the Garter, and Bridal Veil.  I have purchased three of those and today I will show you Bridal Veil!
With the blurry effect, you can really see the color!
As you can see, Bridal Veil is a black-based, subtle holograph.  Like the other A-Englands I have purchased, it goes on effortlessly. I applied two coats and needed no clean up. The brush is small and easy to hold.   The first coat is very thin, but becomes opaque after the second coat.  What I find amazing about this brand is that if I smudge my nail, I can dab on more polish and it will still self-level!  This is great for someone like me who is pretty careless with my hands.
I am not a big fan of black polish on its own, so I hesitated to get this. But I love how it looks in the sunlight!  The glimmers of green, orange, red, yellow and teal are eye-catching!

I have a huge interest in history!  I love to read about certain types of history-Civil War, African-American history, US history, to name a few... So being able to learn a little bit about English history while buying nail polish is a sweet bonus for me!  Thanks, A-England! 
In the shade, this is what Bridal Veil looks like. It is black with a slight starry effect.
So what do you think?  Do you own any of the The Legends Collection? Which ones?
To buy A-England from Llarowe, click HERE.
To go to the A-England website, click HERE.

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