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Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Glitter Gal Dark Purple 3d Holo!

The sun is really not cooperating with me now that I have all these fantastic holos!  Arrgh...
Today, I have Glitter Gal's Dark Purple 3d Holo!  Most of these pictures don't do it justice, but you can see a fraction of the holo that I saw!
Let me just say that the Glitter Gal bottle is TINY!!  I was a little shocked at how small it was, especially since it was $14, so I checked all of my brands of nail polish.  While Glitter Gal is small at .3oz,  Julep is even smaller at .27oz!  Personally, I don't mind paying $14 for a polish that gives me something very different and Glitter Gal certainly does!
Glitter Gal Dark Purple 3d Holographic went on swimmingly with two coats. I found it to be a little thin and if you notice in the pictures, I had major tip wear after one day!  None of this really matters when you look at the beautiful holo it gives off!
Glitter Gal is an Australian-made polish, but can be bought from Llarowe's website.  This is my first Glitter Gal, but you can find many more on her website in reds, greens, and blues...
I decided to do an accent nail with purple tiger-like stripes.  It almost seems a sin to cover up any of that holo though!  When I did the stripes, the sun actually popped out for 5 minutes, so I quickly took pictures to capture the holo-ey goodness!
Check this out!  Rainbows of red, yellow, green, and blue all come out to play when the sun hits it!  It is simply unfathomable to me how I am to concentrate on anything with this on my nails!
Please don't drool over this bottle shot I took in the 5 minutes of sun we got!  THAT is holo at its very best!
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Marnie said...

Love the purple... I have a red glitter gal and I entirely agree the bottles are very small.. but the polishes are so PRETTY PHENOMENAL..

illustratedlady said...

Totally! But you know, I really like the HIts ones more! They are cheaper and more holo-ey!