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Sunday, January 1, 2012

Happy New Year's 2012!

 After all of the nail polish I have bought in the past couple of weeks, I would have bet on wearing one of those for New Year's, but I wanted something that resembled confetti with a splash of gold. So, I chose Pop Beauty Gold Glitz with Sephora OPI Spark-tacular Top Coat.
 Pop Beauty seemed pretty overlooked in 2011.  In all the hoopla over flakies and glitters, holos and multichromes, Pop Beauty seemed to have gotten put on a back shelf somewhere.  I say, "Bring it out and put it on display!
This is the only Pop Beauty I own, but I really want more!  It goes on like a dream and covers in two of the easiest coats ever!  It is my perfect (and ONLY) gold. I am more of a silver person, but this gold is shiny without being Donald Trump GOLD.  It has a dark hue to it that I love.  I can't wait to try some more Pop Beauty's in 2012!
 I have Lynnderella's The Glittering Crowd coming to me mid-January and I am freaked out about that!
But I would say that Sephora OPI's Spark-tacular Top Coat could be its "mini-me." It has a boatload of multi-colored glitters; they're just smaller than the ones in The Glittering Crowd!
 I LOVE this New Year's Day look!   Look at all of the beautiful colors of glitter in there and the gold is a perfect base coat for it!

 Have a wonderful new year and hopefully you buy lots of polish in 2012!

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Ida Pie said...

Ah I like the look of this combo. It's Great!